Tourist Saves California Woman Trapped Car Dangling Over The Edge Of A Parking Lot

Most people when questioned would probably say that if they saw a stranger in trouble they would definitely stop and help. For example, if you saw an old man who’d had a fall, you’d obviously help him up and check he’s okay. It’s just human nature to help, after all.

But what if that willingness to help a stranger was to come at great danger to yourself? Because we might not like to admit it, the threat of getting hurt ourselves does tend to muddy the water somewhat. After all, if you saw someone getting beaten up by a group of angry people, would your Superman senses take over and lead you to jump right in… or would you wait for someone else to do it?

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One man who certainly wasn’t afraid to put his own life in jeopardy is a French tourist who stepped in to save a woman who had crashed her car in California. According to the Santa Monica Fire Department, the woman, said to be in her 60s, was parking her car when she pressed the accelerator instead of the brake by mistake and managed to end up dangling precariously over the edge of a multi-story building in her Honda Civic.

Thankfully, the safety cables on the parking garage managed to capture the car, preventing it from flying straight off of the side and down onto the sidewalk below. However, the vehicle was still left hanging by a thread, with the woman trapped in her driver’s seat.

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A man, who has not been named and reportedly left the scene straight afterward because he didn’t want to be the subject of the media attention, bolted into action to help the stranger in peril. According to bystanders, he ran up to the woman and assisted her in getting out of the vehicle by pulling her back to safety.

Man Saves Driver After Crash Leaves Her Dangling Precariously Over The Edge Of A Multi-Story Parking Garage: 

It looks even more terrifying when the footage is moving, right?

This can’t have been an easy task really, considering that the car was balancing so precariously, with the driver’s door having a long drop below.

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According to witnesses, the woman had several feet of open space to clear, kindly assisted by our real-life Superman, before she could step foot back onto the safety of the parking garage.

As you can probably tell from the photographs, if anything had gone wrong it would have almost certainly proven fatal for one or both of them.

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Eyewitness Roy Huysdens told KABC: “It was like a movie, really. It was so wild,” adding that: “She came out that far with the car and that the car kept hanging there. I mean one foot more and the car probably would have come down all the way. She got really lucky…”

Credit: Santa Monica Fire Department

In what has got to be the most efficient accident ever, the incident actually took place directly across the street from a police station. While the incident was unfolding, police had to close the road below and requested that people avoid the area… for obvious reasons.

With the woman now shaken up but safe, emergency personnel were able to launch a rescue operation on the car, first securing it in order to reduce the risk of it tumbling down, and then pulling it back to safety using two tow trucks. In total, more than 25 fire officers were involved in the rescue operation.

Credit: Santa Monica Fire Department

At the end of the day, this man did an incredible thing by putting his own life in danger to help out a stranger in need. But to be honest, the fact that he refused any recognition for such a generous act in an age where everybody wants to be famous for five minutes is inspiring in its own right.

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