Tom Hanks Proves Why He’s The Best After Responding To Fan With Amazing Gesture

After spending countless hours illustrating an entire sketchbook as a special gift for her favourite actor, Tom Hanks, artist Denise Esposito didn’t dare to dream that she would actually get to meet the man in person.


Esposito eventually met Hanks at the Rome Film Festival in October, after she managed to get her sketchbook into the hands of his publicist. As Esposito told LAist:

“He’s my favorite actor, and I wanted to make a special present for him so I worked hard on all those drawings for 3 weeks and kept my fingers crossed.

“I was like ‘Okay, at least I’m sure he’ll receive it.’ And a few minutes later a guy called me saying that Tom Hanks just saw my sketchbook and wanted to meet me! I couldn’t believe it and nearly started to cry.”

Esposito was even lucky enough to get a selfie with the actor.

Then, a month later, Esposito was greeted with a knock at her door. A FedEx delivery man was outside, clutching a rather large package from none other than Tom Hanks himself. Head over to the next page to see what was inside.

Esposito posted a photo on Reddit revealing that Tom had sent her a beautiful charcoal-coloured typewriter along with a note that read:

“For your lovely book of sketches of — all — those MOVIES… Here is a typewriter to do with whatever you need… Make more art! And many thanks. Tom Hanks.”

Take a look at the heartwarming video below to see the inside of the sketchbook and the resulting gift.

After all that, I’m almost certain you don’t need any more proof that Tom Hanks is the coolest actor in Hollywood. However, just to be on the safe side, here’s 12 reasons why Tom Hanks is the absolute best.

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