Baby Born 12 Weeks Prematurely And Weighing Just 0.8 lb Is The “Smallest Ever To Survive”

At the time of her forced birth, Manushi's brain, kidney, lungs and heart were underdeveloped, meaning that she had to be quickly moved to a ventilator to help keep her organs functioning. Her paper-thin skin was also a concern for doctors who were sure she wouldn't survive the traumatic events.

At just 8.6 inches, Manushi's tiny frame was incredibly fragile and required extra attention from medical professionals. “She was struggling to breathe, so was immediately put on advanced respiratory support ventilator to expand her tiny, immature lungs," said Dr. Sunil Janged.

"We had to start the baby on total parenteral nutrition, which basically means giving all the essential nutrients such as amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals and multivitamins directly into blood circulation [sic]."

Due to Manushi's intense medical needs, the bill for her care reached Rs 1,000,000 ($15,746), which was fortunately covered by the hospital due to Manushi's parent's low income.

“We decided to save the life of the baby and offer her necessary medical care and attention because we wanted to send out a message that a girl child must be protected," Dr. Janged explained. "In a state like Rajasthan where female infanticide is rampant, people have to come forward and take [a] step to end this evil practice."


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