Hilarious Times The Westboro Baptist Church Were Completely Owned

If you’re living in America and haven’t heard of the Westboro Baptist Church, you must have been living under a rock. But just in case, I’ll fill you in. The WBC are widely regarded as a hate group, founded by a man called Fred Phelps. Fred and his dedicated flock believe in extremely controversial “Christian” ideals; such as homosexuality being a capital crime. They terrorize military funerals with protests, and also rally against Jews, Catholics, Muslims and Christians. Do I need to go on? You get the picture.

But sometimes, amid all of the hatred, something beautiful happens. Sometimes – a lot of the time evidently – the Westboro Baptist Church gets completely owned. And I mean completely and utterly owned. Click “Begin Slideshow” to witness the magic…


17. When A Pokémon Called “LoveIsLove” Guarded The Church

A battle of epic proportions loomed between Pokémon GO users and the Westboro Baptist Church in 2016, when a Clefairy Pokémon named “LoveIs Love” was sent to guard the gym. The church recruited a Jigglypuff to “deal with the sodomite loveislove Clefairy” and the game to be the very best was on. #I’mWithTeamLoveIsLove

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16. When Anonymous Trolled The Hell Out Of Them

When the WBC announced plans to picket a vigil for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Anonymous – an international network of activists and hacktivist entities – had had just about enough. The group hacked into their website Godhatesfags.com, leaving a cryptic message and threatening an “a swift and emotionless bitchslap”. Anonymous then hacked into their spokewomen’s computer, transforming her desktop background to gay porn while also filing for a death certificate for her and blocking her social security number.

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15. When The Foo Fighters Rick Roll’d Them

The American rock band took on unsuspecting homophobic protesters, driving in the back of a pick up truck, while blasting Rick Astley’s anthem ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. Band members, including frontman Dave Grohl, also held up signs saying “Keep It Clean” and “You Got Rick Roll’d Again”. There was no “Pretender” here, they just got well and truly rick roll’d.

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All of the times people joined the protest and changed its message:

14. These Two Guys

No explanation called for. Put your sign down mate, because you just got owned.

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13. When Lisa Lampanelli Donated Money In Their Name

The church met their match in comedy’s “Lovable Queen Of Mean”, Lisa Lampanelli. The longtime supporter of gay rights donated $1,000 to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis organization, for every Westboro Baptist Church member that showed up to protest her show in Topeka, Kansas. She ended up donating a $50,000 cheque – in the Westboro Baptist Church’s name.

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12. The Time Another Hate Group Wouldn’t Even Be Their Friend

The WBC have made a habit of protesting the funerals of US soldiers in order to draw attention to their chief cause: Hate of homosexuals. Their heinous actions have maddened everyone, including the most unlikely of groups, white supremacy group, the Ku Klux Klan. In a 2011 YouTube video, the KKK can be seen as denouncing them as “hatemongers”and staging a counter protest. Who knew the KKK drew the line anywhere?

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This one in Aurora, Colorado, after the movie theater shooting:

11. The Human Barrier After The Colorado Shootings

The Colorado community set out “to shield grieving families from these crazy Westboro protesters” with a human barrier, after they threatened to invade the funerals of the Lafayette shooting victims. The homophobic church intended to protest the funerals, claiming that “God sent the killer” on social media, just a day after John Russell Houser killed two women and injured nine.

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The time when this kid ran into them and staged his own peaceful counter-protest:

10. This Boy

What an incredible show of respect and determination from such a young man! Fortunately, most of people choose to spread the message of love. God hates no-one. You go little guy!

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9. When They Woke Up Every Day To An LGBT Rainbow House

An LGBT rainbow house, bursting full of hope and possibility for homosexuals, was set up across the road from Westboro Baptist Church in 2012. The equality house is owned by Planting Peace, a nonprofit humanitarian organization who raise money for national anti-bullying programs. Good luck trying to avoid that in the morning WBC!

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8. When They Were Owned By A Little Girl

A 5-year-old girl epitomized the idea of “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, after making $16,000 for anti-bullying programs – just 20ft away from the WBC’s doorway. Jayden thought the equality house was “the most beautiful house in the world”, proving that the next generation will continue the fight against hate.

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7. When They Accidentally Helped This Gay Couple

When members of the church caught wind of this picture online, they shared it on social media, while recoiling in horror we’re sure. But rather than promoting their homophobic message of hate, all it did was help the gay couple who were photographed. Their cosmetics company, Z Skin, received free advertising from a hate group heavily covered in the international media, resulting in profits beyond their wildest dreams. CEO, Ryan Zamo, said: “We actually sent them a package with some of our Z Skin Cosmetics anti-aging, acne and hair products, after all they did drive massive sales for our site, it’s the least we could do”.

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This sign:

6. This Sign

A taste of their own distasteful medicine. It’s times like this I’m actually kinda glad they exist…

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5. When They Were Humiliated By Comic-Con Nerds

It was the ultimate battle of good vs evil when Fred Phelps and his minons faced off with the good folks of San Diego’s Comic-Con. Superhuman counter-protesting took place, with geeks from around the world chanting, “WHAT DO WE WANT”, “GAY SEX”, “WHEN DO WE WANT IT?”, “NOW!” They were the Dark Knights that San Diego needed.

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4. When Angels Drowned Them Out

The Kansas-based extremist group travelled to Orlando purely to protest the funerals of the victims of the 2016 nightclub shooting. Heavenly volunteers, dressed as angels, blocked them from view, proving that love wins the day every time. Anything odious to come out of their mouths was also drowned out when “Amazing Grace” was sung by the crowd.

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3. When The Bikers Stepped In

Good Samaritan motorcyclists, Angel Action, were more than ready to counter WBC in Connecticut in 2012. The motorcylists created a bike barricade in order to stop them from picketing the Newtown funerals. Just you try getting past those guys, they all look like they could all pummel you – and me – to a pulp.

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This sign:

2. These Women

Yes ladies! These wonderful US citizens took the streets in order to counter-protest a WBC picket. Sure, their sign isn’t as fancy as theirs, but at least they’re promoting the truth; Soldiers do rock!


1. Every Counter-Protest Against Them Ever.

Keep up the good work guys! #LoveIsLove

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