“Time Traveler” Who Claims To Have Been Hired By US Government Reveals Future President

The idea of time travel has intrigued humans for millions of years. Long before Back To The Future, people were wondering if it were possible to travel back and forth in time, or if it ever would be an option.

It’s this intrigue which has fuelled fiction and pop culture for centuries, from Hermione Granger’s time turner to Busted’s hit song ‘Year 3000’, time travel never goes out of style.

Then there are conspiracy theorists who believe time travelers are responsible for our world today.

Their farfetched beliefs may seem ridiculous to the balanced mind, but deep within, we all think they could be onto something. After all, who did build the towering pyramids in Egypt if no mechanical equipment had yet been invented? Aliens? Time travelers? Or, maybe they are one of the same.

But while there are several inconsistencies in our history books, for the most part, we discredit anyone who claims to have time traveled. Why? Because, as of yet, they have no evidence to support their outlandish claims. So when ‘Mona’, a time traveler who claims to be “from the year 2100” came forward to tell her story, the world paid little attention.

But could the mysterious whistleblower really be telling the truth? It’s hard to know, but even if she is, her story is a sensational example of how imaginative the human mind can be…

“Hello my name is Mona and I am a time traveler from the year 2100. I was born and raised in that time and I’ve just completed my 20-year contract. I was working for the US government in the time-traveling community and now I want to share these secrets to the world.”

“Anyways I was born in 2016 and growing up as a little girl I always tried my hardest on school grades always expecting I’d get rich and get a bigger [pay] check than everyone else when I’m older.

I kept this mindset for years and it transferred with me to junior high and one day my parents received a very important envelope from two men in black suits on our front door and were told only I could see what it said and if they read it the men would know.”

“The letter said not to tell anyone what I’m reading. I did all of this and when I met up with the officials I was welcomed into a new job, a Time Traveler for the United States of America.

We have common knowledge time travelers were real but after a couple of years, people reverted to believing the government lied about them existing, so this came as a shock to me.”

“The process of me becoming a time traveler was difficult. I had to leave my home state and live in some underground bunker in the middle of nowhere.

I was no longer in school as well, and the only thing I had for education wise was being taught how to time travel and about being a time traveler by government officials.”

“I was overwhelmed and I hated how I had to take these injections now that slowed my aging down by 10% using it […] I got used to it, but I was very excited when I had to time travel for the first time. It was very hard to figure out our equipment, but when I did it was amazing.”

“I traveled to early 2000s and even as far as 1950s. My job was to document notes over and over again on tragedies … I wasn’t paid for the job, but the only thing I got was the living situation underground. It sounds boring but I had access to many free things that would let me relax and even have fun after my job.

I was given a special jacket for my mission and all our jackets were color-coded by how much power we had. Most time travelers had the lowest power since we were just workers to the government and not people.”

“One of the saddest things to happen to me was that I had many friends who took their own life during the years we worked. I couldn’t stop crying every time it happened.

I am going to start telling you guys what the future is like. Fortunately, flying cars are not something we are using in some countries but we actually do use them a lot, but in the United States we just had the same ground cars. Most roads were replaced with solar-powered ones with many positive effects such as reducing crashes and charged electric cars while driving.”

“The global warming crisis affected the United States real bad, so you guys can guess the sea levels rose. We’ve been trying as hard as possible to reverse all these years of destruction to the ozone layer.”

“My next prediction is that the president right now is Looks Fontrian and he is 65-years-old and is a very kind president, even if he doesn’t do a good job as much as other presidents. But he has gotten credit for maybe piloting us outside of a war in Asia and not getting involved.”

“Genetic engineering is very successful, as well as in the future and we use it to cure diseases and to change our physical and mental capabilities. We are able to enhance human beings to a better stage of evolution.”

“I could sit here for hours talking about more technology but I’d have to do that another time. Right now I have to leave. I am safe where I am and I may not say anything else in public. Goodbye and good luck everyone.”

You don’t need to have an advanced knowledge of history, science or time travel to know that Mona’s farcical story is fake. However, she must be given some credit for conjuring up such a creative tale!

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