This Woman’s Terrifying Postcard From Her Cousin Is Going Viral

What canonical Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy didn’t include in his famous adage about family life was mention of the one super weird family member that everyone has. Whilst being insightful about the realities of the much idealised nuclear family unit; the much quoted, “happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”, doesn’t exactly give voice to the smaller, sometimes wonderful, sometimes weird complexities of having a family. But I don’t think that even Tolstoy could account for the level of strange that this one cousin possesses.

Reddit user Jxander took to Reddit to share a postcard that their mother received from “a crazy cousin she hasn’t spoken with in over 20 years who lives in the mountains of Hawaii without electricity” and it may just be one of the creepiest things that we have ever read…

Reddit, as per usual were primed and ready to provide some answers when confused user, Jxander, discovered that her mother had received a scary postcard from a cousin that she hadn’t had contact with for a whopping 20 years.

The woman recently got back in touch via a postcard which was downright disturbing. Said postcard featured cut and pasted magazine and newspaper clippings of open and closed eyes, which unfortunately seem to make a symbolic kind of sense when you read the accompanying text, “he sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.”

This line is obviously from iconic christmas song, “Santa Claus is ‘Coming To Town”, and whilst this song would normally fill us with some variation of the warm fuzzies, here, in a messy scrawl that resembles that of a child learning to write, it feels eerie. 
And it doesn’t get any better when you flip the postcard over. The cousin wrote Jxander’s mother a largely undecipherable message that informs her that she is going to be collected and that she must leave her “earthly husk” behind:
“Ellen – we’ll be by around 7pm on March 23 to pick up you and yours – pack lite, leave your earthly husk behind. As ever, no fornicators or immigrants need apply. I see you @ 7pm (1900 hrs)

The message doesn’t make much sense; from the “earthly husk” business right down to the person’s rather vehement problem against “fornicators” and “immigrants”, however, it is the underlined and capitalised “U KNOW WHO” which really put Reddit users on edge.

Certainly, the so-called “front page of the internet” had quite the reaction to the postcard with many users echoing our rather terrified response:

Some Redditers urger Jxander and her mother to get far, far away from their home on the 23rd of March.

Whereas others shrugged it off as just a bizarre Christmas card:

However, some people seemed concerned about the person who wrote the postcard saying that it could be symptomatic of some kind of mental health illness, drug addiction or even a cry for help if they- had suffered a mental breakdown.

Regardless of the theories, I would advise Jxander to get the hell away from his or her home come the 23rd March. And whilst we all hope that it turns out to be nothing, it does weirdly resemble the start of a classic horror movie… Good luck Jxander.

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