This Scary AF Video Shows A Spider Being Flushed Out Of A Man’s Ear

We've all the heard the old wives' tale that you eat flies when you sleep, but have you heard of spiders crawling into your ears while you rest your head? Well apparently the little eight-legged creatures love burrowing into our lugholes at night. What a scary thought...

Arachnophobes should look away now, because this pretty ghastly video gives us a good old look at one spider being flushed out of one unfortunate guy's ear canal. Gross right?

After realising that he had a spider living in his head, he asked a mate to help him out, and the footage is absolutely nightmare-inducing.



Well that was hard to watch. Not only does the spider get coaxed out with eardrops, but he then lingers on the poor guy's ear for a second before scurrying into his hair. That was enough to give me nightmares - I'm never going to sleep again.

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