This Saudi Singer Is Being Investigated By Authorities For… Dabbing

As you probably know by now, Saudi Arabia is a pretty strict place. Kissing in public, dressing “inappropriately” and drinking alcohol in certain areas can get you locked up. However, one thing none of us would expect to be illegal in Saudi Arabia is… dabbing.

Yep, dabbing; that annoying dance move that took the world by storm last year, is seemingly an arrestable offence in Saudi Arabia, as one unlucky up-and-coming singer has found out. Abdallah Al Shaharani, a TV host, actor and singer (what a talent, by the way) has been recorded dabbing during a performance, and it’s safe to say that the authorities are not very happy with him.

In the video, Abdallah can be seen having a little boogie and throws a cheeky dab into the mix. The crowd seem pretty impressed with his dancing and let out loud cheers as he performs the dab, but Abdul-Ella Al-Sharif, The Secretary-General of the National Committee of Drug Control, was less than impressed.

Speaking to the press about the incident, Al-Sharif said:

“What the artist and the singer is contrary to the national strategy to combat drugs and with the standards of the National Committee to combat drugs, and directed to the security authorities to apply the laws and laws against them, and we monitor those who incite or advocate abuse of drugs on theatres or youth gathering or through social networking, stressing that the system will apply to everyone and does not exclude anyone.”

The dance move, which is popular with sports stars such as Paul Pogba, is illegal in Saudi Arabia as it is considered a reference to weed, something which is illegal in the Middle Eastern country. Take a look at the footage of the controversial dab below, and see what you think:

Al Shaharani, the man at the centre of this debacle, has tweeted an apology for the offence he has caused through dabbing, saying: “Salam alaikum .. I am most apologetic to our wise government and my dear republic for the movement (Spontaneous and spontaneous) at the Taif Festival. Please accept my apologies.”

Understandably, people were quick to defend the star, and posted their support from him, with one user saying “And we will help you and Allah will you forgive and apologize to the men.”

Dabbing has an uneasy relationship with the Middle East and has been at the centre of controversial news before. Last year, two Nigerian women were picture doing the dab during a pilgrimage in Mecca and some people weren’t very happy. While some commenters welcomed the picture, others called the women “devilish” and “pagan worshippers”.

It all seems a bit silly to be honest. I mean, I don’t think of dabbing being associated with weed in the slightest, I more associate it with frat boys who listen to Soulja Boy and genuinely thinking that dabbing is cool, bruh. To see more dab related content, why not check out these kids who dab their way through the trauma of being stuck on a rollercoaster.

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