The Latest Provocative Bikini Trend Promises To Give You An ‘Instant Boob Job’

In this age of daring fashion trends, we are far more willing to push the boundaries when it comes to showing off some skin. Women, in particular, are always looking for new ways to flaunt their cleavage or any part of their chest for that matter. Remember that underboob bikini trend from a little while back?

It involved women either taking a skimpy bikini top and conveniently placing it so that the bottom part of their boobs can be seen or instead, using an ultra-cropped top for the same results. The seductive style was given the stamp of approval it deserved when hugely influential stars such as Kylie Jenner, the Hadid sisters, and Lady Gaga got onboard with it.

But now there’s an even newer, sexier bikini trend currently making waves on Instagram. It has taken our love of bathing suits and increased it about tenfold. And that’s because as much as we love a good bikini, there usually comes a time when you grow tired of your usual, standard swimsuit.

But as the age-old adage goes, money doesn’t grow on trees, which means you may not necessarily have enough funds to indulge your passion for bathing suits. So why not hop on the ‘Upside-down bikini’ trend, a style that completely reinvents the look of your bikini without you having to shell out any cash.

Unlike other popularized style fads such as the ‘Toblerone tunnel’ and ‘Hip cleavage’ trends that don’t have any clear origins, this latest style craze seems to have been invented, or made popular at the very least, by an Italian model named Valentina Fradegrada.

Watch the model as she demonstrates how exactly how to pull off this sultry look:

She then made the trend official by giving it its own Instagram page, aptly named ‘Upside Down Bikini’, (what else?) On this page, you’ll find endless snaps of her own chesticles (how very generous of her) fitted into an upside down bikini.

As is evident from the name, the bikini tops are worn upside down with the ties place at the front. But it’s not just Fradergrada who likes to fit her pair into this revolutionary invention.

The trend is now being promoted by Australian swimwear label, Cantik. The daring Aussie brand took to their official Instagram page to ask their followers for their thoughts on the ‘upside down’ style.

Take a look at the lives of Seattle’s Bikini Baristas:

If you’re keen to try it yourselves, you’re in luck because it’s a pretty easy trend to jump on. All you have to do is take your halterneck bikini top and invert it. Start by tying the halter neck straps across your chest, which will then pull the triangle material further apart than usual. This will serve to enhance your cleavage and reveal a lot more of your underboob.

Doing just that will give you an instant boob lift without actually having to get them surgically altered – which is always appreciated.

But the downside is that if you go into the sea wearing your bikini top upside-down, it may not still be in place when you come back out.

And that’s because wearing the bikini top upside-down will inevitably mean much less support for your boobs. Also, let’s face it, halterneck bikinis aren’t exactly known for providing a copious amount of coverage.

In light of that, I definitely wouldn’t recommend taking part in any water sports, such as surfing, while sporting the look unless you truly have no qualms about leaving the water completely topless.

That might not be such a big deal if you’re at a nudist beach, if not though, it’ll be pretty embarrassing. In fact, many ordinary Instagram users have themselves drawn attention to just how impractical it is.

One user wrote: “HAHAHA my boobs would fall into the hole” while another deemed it “possibly the stupidest thing I’ve seen all day”.

While some people are applauding the trend for increasing sex appeal for the wearer – saying that it gives the wearer “an instant boob job” not everyone thinks it’s all that great. The Daily Mail even referred to it ‘absolutely ridiculous’ and others have called it ‘dumb’ and the ‘worst thing to have happened’.

At the end of the day, it all just depends on your own perspective. If you think this new style looks hot, then, by all means, go for it. If not, then you won’t have to wait too long until the next bikini fad starts sending people wild.

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