This Pregnant Pooch Had a Maternity Photoshoot and It’s Adorable

Where would we be without our canine companions?

There to comfort us when it all goes wrong, to share our joy on those happy, sun-soaked days, and totally prepared to curl up and while away the hours with us when we just want a long, sleepy Sunday.

Dogs are the ultimate 21st century companion, capable of slotting into our lives relatively seamlessly¬†and enriching them no end. It is only fair, then, that occasionally we give something back to our faithful companions. One woman decided to do exactly that, and so, upon finding out that her “best friend” was eight weeks pregnant, decided to hold a maternity photoshoot. The results are remarkable.

1. The anticipation builds

2. I’m not sure who is more excited¬†

3. Star of the show

4. Of course, it wasn’t long before Twitter went into complete overdrive over the concept of a dog maternity photoshoot, and soon everyone was showering the pair with praise.

5. Some were almost as excited as the pair themselves

6. The whole thing just left everyone in a really good mood

7. Thankfully, the mom, Elsa, was on hand to give everyone an update

8. Want to see them? Of course you do

A heartwarming tale of a girl and her best friend, preparing for pregnancy in the best possible way. Best of all, they captured the whole thing on camera, so that we could all swoon along with them. Can’t get enough of our canine friends? Check out these amazing dog photobombs.

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