Plus Size Model Recreates Celebrity Photoshoots To Prove That Women Of All Sizes Can Slay

We live in a world of conflicting ideals. On the one hand, we are told to love ourselves for what we are and that every body is beautiful. However, we are also bombarded with images of society’s idea of “perfection”. We are made to feel as if we must emulate this certain standard in order to be happy with our physical appearance.

It’s fair to say that in today’s world appearance is everything. There are all kinds of makeup that serve the sole purpose of hiding our flaws, plastic surgery is on the rise and young people, both male and female, are sabotaging their health in their pursuit of beauty.

One of the biggest “ideals” that is forced upon our society is that the slimmer we are the better. We are made to feel ashamed if we have extra fat on our bodies and that we should hide it away.

Diana is certainly slaying on Instagram:

Well, one woman who certainly has no qualms about showing her body despite it not falling under society’s image of perfection is a 21-year-old Hungarian woman by the name of Diana Sirokai.

Diana is a plus size model with a mission – she wants to show people that bigger women can look and feel sexy in spite of what the naysayers might say.

Diana knows a thing or two about body image, especially because she suffered years of bullying over her weight when she was growing up.

Diana decided to pay homage to one of Kim Kardashian’s swimsuit photoshoots, and when she shared the photos online, it wasn’t long before she went viral.

She flaunted her beautifully curvaceous body in a very revealing white swimsuit and posted the pics on her Instagram account. For one of the pictures, Diana created a split image with Kim K’s swimsuit photo side by side with her own and included the caption, “WE ARE BOTH WOMEN with DIFFERENT BODIES”.

“I’ve always beenĀ toldĀ that if I lost weight I’d look like Kim Kardashian,” the plus size model claims. “I had the idea of recreating Kim’s image to show the world that we don’t need to look like Kim to feel and look gorgeous.”

The picture now has over 30,000 likes, with thousands of commenters commending the model for her courageous and much-needed message.

One commenter said, “Don’t ever compare yourself to Kim. You are gorgeous! You have the natural look and body, that a lot of us girls have, and can RELATE to.”

Another commented, “I followed you for this picture you look so beautiful and the amount of confidence you give off is amazing. I love your face in this I wish I had your confidence!”

However, I believe it has to be pointed out that many commenters didn’t appear to see Diana’s message, with many choosing to attack Kim Kardashian’s looks. One user even wrote, “You are 10000 times prettier omg”. This is not Diana’s mission. She’s not trying to be “prettier”, she’s showing that every woman, no matter what her shape or size, is beautiful.

This young woman deserves all the applause in the world for spreading her powerful message to thousands of people across the world. Yes, there are a number of fashion and beauty bloggers and plus size models who have gone to similar lengths in order to show people that women of all sizes have the potential to be sexy, but Diana took an image of a celebrity that has been showered with praise and proved that we all are just as beautiful!

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