This New App Will Let You Borrow A Dog To Walk And Play With

There are more than a million apps on the app store and having shelled out for more memory on my phone than I know what to do with, I'm really testing the boundaries. But somewhere between a mystery game called 'Diamond Escape Penthouse' and an app where you can display your photos in an virtual gallery, I seem to have lost my way.

Cue: Bark’N’Borrow. This incredible app will not only get you off the sofa (and off Diamond Escape Penthouse) but will also get you an adorable furry friend. The app just requires some standard personal information and a strong pitch as to why you deserve a canine companion.

The profiles are easy to set up



The company will run a quick background check then you're good to go!



The app is free and you will only ever be charged once services are rendered


Admittedly websites like have been around for a while, but these guys are making a big splash in the world of dog-vending. So if you fancy having a doggie friend but just can't quite commit, Bark'N'Borrow is the app for you.

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