This Netflix Documentary Is The Best True-Crime Series Since ‘Making A Murderer’

At the moment, it seems as though Netflix’s lineup really can do no wrong. The online streaming service has gone from strength to strength in terms of commissioning and producing original content, which is more than capable of standing up to and competing against that of major television networks.

Just think of some of the great shows we’ve had the privilege to enjoy lately: 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, the House Of Cards remake, Better Call Saul, and Orange Is The New Black, not to mention that Marvel superhero shows like Daredevil and Luke Cage – all of which have seen great ratings and received critical acclaim for their acting, direction and scripts.

But if you’re like me – a true-crime aficionado who loves murder mysteries and inexplicable whodunits – then there’s one show that you’ve really missed since the finale aired. Yup, I’m talking about the Wisconsin-set tale of small town murder and conspiracy Making A Murderer. There was a time back in late 2015 when it seemed like literally everyone was speculating reverently about the innocence of Steven Avery, and I can remember being absolutely hooked on the show, binging the whole series in a weekend and gobbling up evidence like a Hungry Hippo.

But to my disappointment Netflix didn’t immediately provide a follow-up, and left my appetite whetted but not sated. Luckily, they’ve just released another documentary series that promises heaps of homicide and intrigue. If what the critics are saying is true then it’s already set to be a real winner.

The Keepers is a Netflix documentary series that explores the mysterious and unresolved slaying of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a nun who taught English and drama at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore. Sister Cesnik disappeared on November 7, 1969, and her body was found in a field a short distance from her apartment a mere two months later.

The documentary shows how many of Sister Cesnik’s former students believe to this day that there was a conspiracy involving the church and corrupt policeĀ authorities to cover-up Cesnik’s murder, after she became convinced that the priest working at the school, Joseph Maskell, was guilty of the sexual abuse of minors.

A review of the show by the New York Times has heaped praise upon the series, calling it “a fascinating and devastating experience …Ā as much a character study as it is a crime documentary, if not more so.” It seems as though audiences agree wholeheartedly with this assessment. Fans are already sharing their enthusiasm for the show on social media. For example, Twitter-user Jessica Hickey stated “I’ve never been so angry or so moved by a documentary before. The survivors are incredible people,” while another viewer named T_Ruggeri stated “Two episodes in, The Keepers looks like the next true crime classic. Chilling to the bone, taut, layered storytelling, masterful editing.”

It sure is a good time to have a Netflix account, especially now that there’s a second season of Making A Murderer on the way, which will apparently prove Steven Avery’s innocence once and for all.

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