This Mom Has A Clever Trick To Make Sure Her Daughter Isn’t Lying To Her

Teenagers lie, and parents worry. Those are two facts of life that are essentially undeniable, and have been causing household tiffs and screaming matches for centuries now. The breaking point typically comes toward the end of high school, when sons and daughters begin to rely on the same classic argument against their parents strict rules: “You have to learn to trust me now that I’m basically an adult.”

Unfortunately for teens, this is usually met with a “my house, my rules” sort of argument, which is hard to retaliate against, seeing as their parents likely are still paying for your food and shelter. And so the lack of trust continues, with parents keeping tabs on their children’s whereabouts nearly 24/7. Unfortunately for the modern teenager, technology has only aided this endeavour, making it easier than ever for parents to track their children’s whereabouts.

Kaelyn Demmon, an 18-year-old from Huron, Ohio, has had to learn this the hard way… many, many times. Kaelyn’s mom, Heather Steinkopf, has been using the same tactic to keep tabs on her daughter for years now, and apparently it has gotten her caught in multiple lies in the past.

But this one time, Steinkopf decided to take it even further, making her daughter go to extreme lengths to prove she wasn’t lying. Mothers and teens alike, beware, because this is about to be relatable as hell. 

So, Kaelyn was over at her best friend, Stevie Holbrook’s, house having a movie night before Stevie left for college. Suspecting that she may be lying about where she was, Steinkopf decided to pull out the same tactic that has gotten Kaelyn caught in a lie before: ask her to send a very specific type of selfie.

Apparently the thumbs-up selfie wasn’t enough proof, so Steinkopf asked her daughter to take it again, this time with the lights on. Apparently the request for specific selfies happens fairly often, as Kaelyn has admitted that she has selfies saved in her camera roll that she can send to her mom when she truly is lying about where she is.

Steinkopf says she tries to make the selfie requests fairly infrequent, that way her daughter doesn’t know when they’re coming. And the trick as worked, as Kaelyn admitted to Buzzfeed that: “There’ve been times when I’ve said I’m at Stevie’s when I’m at a bonfire or something.”

So her mom continued in the long line of specific selfie requests, and it seemed like she was being absurdly skeptical of her daughter. But what Kaelyn didn’t know was that her mom actually believed her after the first selfie, and was just making her continue for her own entertainment. “I knew she was where she said she was,” said Steinkopf, “but it was more fun to keep her doing different things.”

After four selfies, Steinkopf finally let her daughter off the hook, and was probably giggling to herself the whole time. She really does love the joke now, as when Buzzfeed reached out for an interview via text message, this is how she responded.

Kaelyn tweeted screenshots of the exchange with her mom, and was immediately flooded with responses saying variations of the same thing. One said: “oh my god, that is my mother”. Some people were even concerned that their moms would see that story and get some ideas of their own.

Luckily for Kaelyn, she will be heading off to college soon, meaning she’ll finally be totally independent. Well, unless her mom asks for a picture of her giving a peace sign in the middle of the library… good luck with that, Kaelyn.

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