This Man Is One Of Hollywood’s Biggest Stars, But You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Meet 57-year-old actor Doug Jones. You've definitely seen him before, but if he were to walk right up to you in the street, you wouldn't be able to recognize his face.

He has infiltrated your television and movie screens for three decades in over 150 iconic roles. However, I bet you haven't even heard his name before, right?

Jones has had major roles in Hocus Pocus, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pan's Labyrinth, and Star Trek: Discovery. So why don't you recognize him?

It's because Jones is a costume actor. He regularly covers his face with makeup, latex, and prosthetics to transform into some of the most memorable monsters and demons in Hollywood.

Jones didn't set out to be a costume actor, though he readily admits his appearance helps him land those parts. At 6'3" and 140 pounds, his tall and skinny frame combined with an angular face makes him the perfect candidate to become an on-screen monster.

"I'm hired because I'm a tall, skinny guy — with other talents, I hope," Jones said. "But the creature effects guys love to start with a skinny, long palette because they can build on it and not make it too bulky."


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