This Man Found A Abandoned World War II Site And It Will Give You The Creeps

World War II was the most devastating and destructive war in the history of our planet. Multiple cities were destroyed and millions of innocent people were killed. It was the mother of all wars, and one that history lovers won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Considering the global nature of the war, there are still many World War II sites across the world which have of course now been abandoned. These sites range from training grounds to military stables that once contained warhorses.

Some former military sites are even now used as film sets for World War II movies. For instance, the 2002 movie, The Pianist and the 2008 movie, Valkyrie have used the Beelitz Heilstatten Military Hospital to film some of their scenes.

Now that most of these sites serve no purpose, they’re a rather peculiar and eerie sight. But some of them are oddly quite picturesque.

However, when Imgur user CanadaSpeedoMan blogged about accidentally finding an abandoned military site in Greenland, it became evident, based on his photographs, that there was nothing picturesque about the site whatsoever…


The Imgur user and his wife found the unsettling site together;

“Just last week my wife and I had the opportunity to take part in a backcountry expedition to South East Greenland,”

“After days and miles and miles of trekking through the fjords, we arrived at the site of ‘Bluie East Two’. It was EXTREMELY remote and pretty eerie to find that far away from civilization.”

The man and his wife had found a minor United States Army Air Force airfield! The former airfield is situated in Ikateq, East Greenland, and was in operation from 1942 to 1947.

The Imgur user later reveals;

“The site was used to refuel planes travelling from the USA to Europe during the war.

“The site could only be accessed by boat during several months of the year. Otherwise, it was completely inaccessible because of the sea ice 

The couple explored the military site further, and what they found there was nothing short of extraordinary…

The man explained on his Imgur account why there were so many barrels lying around in the photographs;

“Thousands upon thousands of barrels for fuel were left. Some still with fuel inside.

When they abandoned the air strip, it appears everything was left as is.”

The man then shared a photograph he had taken of an abandoned hangar, and it was an eerie sight to say the least!

“The local Inuit people salvaged much of the usable material that could be transported by foot or with their small fishing boats.” 

As you can see in this next photograph, there are a number of rusting barrels that have remained on the site. These barrels had once contained fuel for military planes.

The Imgur user’s wife had accompanied him on his trip. Here she is crossing a bridge that was built in the early ’40s.

“The site could only be accessed by boat during several months of the year. Otherwise, it was completely inaccessible because of the sea ice

“ALL the wood had to be brought in by boat. There are no trees in South East Greenland. Any driftwood found comes from Siberia.”

The Imgur user also included a few photos of what the airfield looked like when it was in operation:

The man was totally grateful that he and his wife happened to stumble across the old military site;

“I could have spent a week here and not have had the chance to see everything. Hope you enjoyed!”

He shared another photograph of what the airfield originally looked like;

Imagine that – going for a nice little walk and then coming across a site rich in history, a history that is shared across the globe. If you’re a history buff and would also like to visit the site, be aware that it will be going through a clean-up process in 2018, and it’s uncertain how long the process will take.

However, if you’re in to all things military and happen to be a movie fan, you may want to check this out…

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