Little Girl Mistakes A Stranger For Santa, He Plays The Role Perfectly

The countdown is on, Christmas is only a week away, so we’re officially allowed to get excited. This is exactly what this little girl has been doing. She saw some random guy in the supermarket and was adamant that it was Santa Clause.

This complete hero didn’t hesitate and jumped straight into role. He starts throwing Christmas questions straight back at her and she loves it!

This is perhaps the most heartwarming video you’ll see all year.




The video has gone viral since it was posted on Facebook and it seems Santa goes by another name – Robert Larck who was doing some shopping with his wife Robin. On Facebook, Robin posted that her husband grows the beard around this time every year.

Just in time for his important work at Christmas.

His daughter Jessica commented that her dad “is very kind-hearted and absolutely loves when kids believe that he is Santa”.

That’s probably because he is Santa.

Can’t fool us.

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