This Job Will Pay You Over $60K To Go On Holiday And Post To Instagram A Few Times A Day

We all spend most of our working lives pandering to arrogant managers, trying to ignore obnoxious colleagues, and making sure our sandwiches don’t get stolen from the communal fridge. Let’s face it, work sucks. It doesn’t matter what job you do, nobody enjoys waking up early and commuting just to sit at a desk all day.

Being the dreamers that we are, everyone has a job deep down in their hearts that they’d love to do. Mine? I’ve always wanted to be a sports commentator – due largely for my propensity to talk about football for hours. I can think of nothing better than being paid to watch my favourite stars every week while spouting obscure stats and well-researched fact. I know, I’m sad.


While our wildest vocational fantasies are seldom realised, the chance to grab a dream job is a once in a lifetime experience. So when a company offers the chance to get paid to go on holiday, people understandably get excited. Royal Caribbean International have rocked the job market this week, with news that they’ve created what is probably the greatest position ever. Pack your bags and head over to the next page, where we have all the details about the world’s most coveted day job.

The travel company are searching for an employee to document their travels on three different cruises over a three-week summer internship. In short, all you have to do is take three Instagram shots a day while traversing the globe. Oh yeah, and you get paid a whopping $64,000. Not bad for posing all day in the sun, right?

The job requirements are as follows:

– Post 3 x photos on Instagram each day while on each cruise, to comprise of: 1 x view (can be of sea, port, horizon, or ship exterior/interior, facilities etc), 1 x extraordinary experience (ship based or land/excursion based), 1 x extraordinary person (can be someone met on board with an interesting story to tell, a crew member with a unique role or an extraordinary local person met during a shore excursion.

– Go on a minimum of three different shore excursions, on each cruise itinerary (or a total of nine shore excursions across the full itinerary).

– Use Instagram posts each day to invite other Instagram users to make recommendations to them on what he or she should experience in each destination.


On top of the Insta snaps, the successful applicant will also need to make a video of their travels – but then again, that’s not exactly rocket science is it? Even the application process is pretty dreamy. Interested parties can apply via Instagram by posting their best travel photo and tagging @RoyalCaribbeanUK with the hashtag #ExtraordinaryExplorer. It’s as simple as that.

Speaking about the dream job we’re now all scrabbling for, Royal Caribbean UK Managing Director Ben Bouldin said: “Our cruise holidays are filled with extraordinary moments and we want to find a talented storyteller who can help us capture the unique experiences that make holidays so special.”

So what are you waiting for?! Get yourself on Instagram and have a crack at securing the best job ever. Personally, I’m more than happy where I am – but that’s only because I’m wildly unambitious and terrified of the sea. Good luck ya’ll!

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