This Is What Will Happen If Donald Trump Is Impeached

It’s no secret there are plenty of people who would love to see President Trump leave office. He did not win the popular vote, after all. He’s also been no stranger to controversy and seems to constantly be on the verge of an illegality, so all things considered, only time will tell if he gets impeached or not.

And let’s be serious here, it is a real option. That FBI investigation isn’t going away anytime soon and many people very close to Trump have already been charged. The plea deal and indictment list include some key players extremely influential to the presidency.

If you’d like to know more about the impeachment process and exactly, step by step, how it occurs, check out the animated video below:

I’m talking about George Papadopoulos, former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, and Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, who both pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI.

And let’s not forget about major player Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chair, who was indicted in October on charges of conspiracy, money laundering, false statements, and failure to disclose foreign assets related to his involvement in Ukranian politics. Reason for treason? Maybe.

We also have to mention the Stormy Daniels controversy. Bill Clinton was impeached for reasons related to having an affair. Okay, so it was technically for lying under oath, but he was lying about the affair, and if solid evidence is discovered against Trump, then he has certainly told his share of lies.

However, it’s difficult to impeach a president and only two, Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson, have been successfully impeached in the past. Technically Richard Nixon was as well, but he chose to resign rather than face any charges.

It seems Robert Mueller’s team is looking to get all its ducks in a row before making a major move toward placing any blame on the presidency. However, if that day comes and Trump is impeached, here is what will happen.

If a sitting president is accused of wrongdoing and a motion for an impeachment is made, then a simple majority vote takes place in the House of Representatives. If this passes, the president is then considered impeached. However, this may or may not have an impact on his governing.

President Clinton, for example, remained in the White House for an additional year after his impeachment, during which time he was acquited in a Senate impeachment trial, but his reputation will forever be marred.

That being said, should Trump be accused and found guilty of criminal charges, he would likely be forced to step down and possibly serve time behind bars. In this case, there is a specific list of who would take his place.

Obviously, the Vice President, Mike Pence, comes to mind, but should Pence not be able to fulfill this obligation, the presidency would fall to the Speaker of the House. There is actually a list of 18 names that could, in order, succeed Trump.

However, in all of history, only the vice president has had to succeed a president who was unable to govern. Never the less, here is the current list:

1. Vice President, Mike Pence

2. House Speaker, Paul Ryan

3. President pro tempore of the Senate, Orrin Hatch

4. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

5. Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin

6. Defense Secretary, James Mattis

7. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions

8. Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke

9. Agriculture Secretary, Sonny Perdue

10. Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross

11. Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta

12. Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex M. Azar II

13. Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Ben Carson

14. Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao

15. Energy Secretary, Rick Perry

16. Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos

17. Veteran Affairs Secretary, Robert Wilkie

18. Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen

I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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