This Is What Was Inside The Goodie Bags Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Gave Out At The Royal Wedding

If you happened to be one of the billions of people who watched the Royal Wedding on Saturday, you probably will remember seeing a bunch of people inside the grounds of Windsor Castle as Prince Harry married former Suits actress Meghan Markle in the castle’s St. George’s Chapel.

Watch the highlights of the Royal Wedding here:

Well, those thousands of people were actually specially invited to line Windsor Castle and were made up of local volunteers, charity workers, and community stalwarts.

They had received this special entry into the grounds of Windsor Castle due to the fact that they “made their cities, towns, and villages a better place to live”.

And these people, pillars of their respective communities, certainly didn’t go home empty-handed.

In fact, they were all given beige and blue goodie bags which were inscribed with Harry and Meghan’s initials, the wedding date and the location of the ceremony. The canvas bags were filled with various gifts and treats.

But amazingly, some of the guests are already trying to flog the free gift on eBay!

The goodie bags included a tin of shortbread, a giant chocolate coin, a fridge magnet, a coupon with a 20% discount in the castle shop, a bottle of Windsor Castle water and the wedding programme.

That is quite a large coin, to be fair:

A copy of the wedding programme and spectator badge:

I was even expecting the shortbread biscuits to be bigger:

And a refreshing bottle of water and fridge magnet:

These special guests were able to witness the moment the world’s most famous faces arrived at the grounds and made their way into the chapel.

Amongst the A-listers invited to the ceremony were George Clooney, David Beckham, and Serena Williams.

And, of course, the ground’s guests got to see the Queen herself, up close, as she arrived to attend the wedding of her grandson, sixth in line to the throne.

(Oh, and this queen too:)

The guests on the castle grounds said it would be a day they wouldn’t forget for as long as they lived.

This is the moment Meghan spotted her former teacher waving in the crowd:

“The wedding was fabulous,” one guest told PEOPLE. “The really nice touch was the goodie bag everyone was given together with a copy of the service.”

Twelve-year-old Jorja Furze, an amputee, was invited to the ceremony after setting up an anxiety group to help her fellow students adjust to life in high school.

Her mother, Gabrielle, explained that they were both driven to the castle in a buggy, following the route of the carriage carrying Prince Harry and Meghan took.

“People were cheering as we were going past,” Jorga said. “I felt like a celebrity. I will always remember today.”

Thirty-two-year-old Hayley Ash and Tessa Hince, also 32, were invited for helping those who are lonely during the Christmas holidays.

“It was quite a surreal moment when we started hearing bottles of fizz popping,” Ash said. “It was quite a show really watching everyone going in. We were sat right outside the entrance – we saw everything.”

“It was so crazy,” Hince added. “We got pictures of David Beckham, George Clooney, Victoria Beckham, Prince Harry and Prince William walking in. I couldn’t believe how close we got to everyone.”

Aside from inviting the “Community Champions” to partake in the celebration up front and close, this royal wedding has definitely been one of the most inclusive ones we’ve seen. From the soulful and passionate black preacher to the gospel choir who closed with ‘This Little Light of Mine’, we really got the sense that various communities were encouraged to feel a part of the special day.

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