This Guy Spent Five Months Proposing To His Girlfriend, But She Has No Idea

If I asked you how long you thought it took for a man to propose to a woman, what would you say?

Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Well one man managed to drag out his proposal so that it lasted five whole months. His elaborate proposal consisted of him taking 148 pictures in which he popped the question. Holding up a little card which read “Will you marry me”, Ray Smith told his girlfriend Claire Bramley that his obvious photo obsession was related to her pregnancy.

Eventually on Christmas Day, Smith asked Bramley to her face. This time she figured out what was going on, and thankfully said yes.


“I was totally oblivious to it all,” Bramley said. I’d like to think that if someone was proposing to me every day for five months I’d catch wind of it after a while. Regardless though I’m glad the lovebirds are now engaged, can you imagine doing five months work for nothing?!

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