This Guy Asked His Roommate To Clean Up Before His Date And Immediately Regrets It

Housemates can be so cruel sometimes. When I was in my second year at university, my housemate went away for one night and we completely messed up his room. We taped his furniture to the ceiling and covered the room in tissue paper and string. It's safe to say that both he and the landlord weren't massively impressed, and my housemate swiftly set about getting his revenge on us all.

However, the one time that you really want to trust your housemates is when you're bringing a date home. You'll be out for dinner, and then suddenly realise your room is a tip; there's clothes on the floor, dirty tissues lying around and just generally a lot of mess.

You go to the toilet in the bar, and drop them a quick text in your group chat: "Guys, bringing this date home, could you just chuck my clothes in the laundry bin and light a candle to get rid of the smell? Cheers." Should be fine, right? Wrong. This is peak 'housemate prank' territory.

One unlucky guy, who found this out the hard way, was Thom. Thom, who lives in Long Island, New York, had been out on a date and decided to bring her back to his flat. However, wanting to make sure that she got the right impression of him, he asked if his roommate, Deno, could clean his bedroom. Deno, of course obliged, but instead of cleaning it, he played a cruel prank on his friend and it went viral on Twitter.


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