This Fetish Is So Obscure That Only One Person In The World Has It

We all have something which we guiltlessly enjoy. There are those who keep it conventional with an addiction to chocolate, Netflix and shopping, and then there are those who with a more acquired taste who have strange fetishes that the rest of the world cringe at.

Fetishes may seem freaky to those who class themselves as “normal”, but in actual fact, a large majority of the population have them. Whether it be a penchant for feet, latex, morbidly obese bodies or sex in public places, there is something for everyone.

In the land of fetishes, where the imagination is allowed to run wild without fear of being judged, anything goes. Literally, anything, as Vice reports having learned of a bizarre genre of explicit entertainment which exists in the world: sea-monster porn.

So obscure is the genre, which features an actor dressed in a scaly sea monster costume, that only one man in the entire world enjoys it, according to Vice. In fact, it is this man who has demanded and paid for the erotic films to be shot.

The mystery man remains anonymous, the only trace of him being the sea creature porn films he’s commissioned from various porn studios. There are more than 100 clips from the genre available online, all featuring the same sea creature costume.

This costume was commissioned by the unknown man from Zagone Studios in Illinois, who were clueless as to how the scaly suit would be put to use. “We hope the actors find the costume comfortable, easy to wear, and that the audience enjoys the artistic beauty of the costume,” the studio, very professionally, told Vice.

The anonymous man – known only as a “German guy” –  uses Bitch Slap Studios to produce his films, which he scripts. As part of the process he will provide guidelines and notes on what he wants the finished product to look like, which is really the least that Bitch Slap Studios can do considering their rates can be anywhere between $100 and $15,000.

“I just want wide open regular missionary without any fancy variations. Just a lot of angles from that basic pose,” reads one of his notes, while another quite bluntly requests: “Either all of the girl and monster, mostly the girl and some monster, but never mostly the monster and some girl.”

The man also requests that the girl be naked throughout the whole duration of the shoot, with a prime focus on her face and torso. It would appear that the man is predominantly gratified by the woman’s reaction to the ‘monster’, for he has little care for close up shots of penetration. In fact, if a penis is to be shown he prefers a strap-on monster dildo to be used.

“I want a horror feel without any goofy/funny monster behavior,” he demands on one of his order forms, before adding how the actress needs to be “terrified, crying, pleading, struggling, etc. She hates it and shows it but lets him have his way with her from fear. Obvious looks of shock, terror, and fear from her… The monster gets off on her fear!”

When asked what could have possibly inspired this man’s fetish, each producer interviewed by Vice suggested that the fantasy had stemmed from a film which depicted a monster seducing (I use that word loosely) a woman – think King Kong, Beauty and the Beast and Edward Scissorhands. 

So there you have it; the world’s weirdest fetish. But rather than mock this mystery man for his taste in the obscure, we should applaud him for being so open about his fantasy. He clearly isn’t ashamed and we think that’s just great – but at the same time, we hope he has a good doctor who keeps him on the straight and narrow!

If that isn’t quite your thing, then one of these extremely popular fetishes may float your boat:

From dressing as a giant baby to a fascination with latex, they’re all fairly unconventional, but very popular around the world!

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