This Devastating Video Of Broken-Hearted Abandoned Dog Is Going Viral

Speaking as a dog-person, dog-enthusiast, and maybe even dog fanatic, I am always surprised when people aren’t so keen on the lovable pups. And when someone makes so bold a claim as to say that they are just animals, with no purpose other than to eat and sleep, I don’t know what to say.

Dogs are extremely emotive creatures; it’s part of why owners grow such a strong bond with man’s best friend. In fact, their emotions are extremely exaggerated. They haven’t learned the human trait of hiding how they’re feeling so far, so if a dog is scared, mad, or happy, it’s pretty damn clear.

Anyone who has spent a little time with them knows that these emotions have a pretty big effect on us. When they’re happy, it cheers us up. On the flip side, a sad dog is the most excruciatingly heartbreaking thing to behold. Whenever I left the house my dog always used to look at me as if I would never come back.

Unfortunately, this actually does happen to some dogs. Their owners won’t always be back at the end of the work day, and a closed door might be the last time they see those that have cared for them all their lives.

Electra was one of these unlucky dogs, who was given over to a dog shelter by her owners last week. The four-year-old pitbull was left at the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California, to be put up for adoption on May 17th.

An animal rights advocate working at the shelter shared the abandoned puppy on her Facebook page, where she hoped to spread the word and get someone to take the adorable dog home. The video she took of Electra went viral, gaining over 11,000 shares in just a few days.

My heart can’t take this. If I watch this video one more time, I’m likely to find the nearest dog shelter and take 200 of them back to my flat. The way her brows are furrowed in concern, and her body slumped is too much. And that’s not even mentioning the sound she makes.

The barking and whimpering of other distressed dogs makes for a strange and unsettling new environment for her. She’s so anxious that she doesn’t even look confident to take a step, her paw hesitating before she places it on the ground. Yet underneath the worry and uncertainty, there’s still a little hope in Electra, as her tail slowly wags behind her.

The astounding thing about the video isn’t just her irresistible cuteness, but the deep sadness she shows from her expression down to her body language. The video captures her feeling of abandonment, realising her owners will never return. You can see the exact moment her heart breaks.

Thousands of comments flooded in, and many tried to adopt Electra from the shelter. One user said: “This kills me. Those eyes. She’s so scared. The wagging tail. She still wants to give love. Dogs are so selfless”. Amen to that.

“I would have adopted this pupper in a second,” another commented, “I hope Electra is in a warm loving home now!” Luckily for us all, but Electra in particular, she was re-homed a few days later. Hopefully she will have a happy family for life now, and will never have that look on her face ever again.

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