This Dad’s Reaction To Finding Out His Son Is Having A Baby Is Completely Savage

One would hope that the day you tell your parents you're expecting would be a joyous occasion for all involved. But evidently, this isn't the case for every family. If you're this guy - whose son already has three daughters who he struggles to provide for - the news isn't something to be too thrilled about.

The man featured below is told in that his boy could be expecting a baby with a girl he barely knows. Clearly, he doesn't approve of his son's behaviour and doesn't show any attempt at hiding his displeasure.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 14.27.06

I have to admit that the expectant father probably does deserve a roasting - he still lives in his father's house and has no job - but this grade A diss is arguably one step too far. Click on to have a listen to the savage earful he receives...


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