This Couple’s Public Breakup On Twitter Is Both The Worst And The Best Thing On The Internet

We’ve all sent a tweet or made a Facebook post that we regretted later. Perhaps we send a message to someone that was supposed to be private but ended up being very public.

However, I don’t think there are very many folks out there who can say they broke up via public social media posting. Breaking up is hard enough, why would anyone do it for everyone to read?

Well, I suppose you could ask this couple, who broke up through a series of dramatic tweets on Twitter. What’s even more perplexing is that the couple lived together, yet still used Twitter to have their argument.

The resulting conversation is simultaneously the most uncomfortable and entertaining thing you’ll read this week. Here’s how it all started:

Twitter user @nohidea shared the above nugget of wisdom, and immediately other users starting calling him out on his math. The vast majority of people could not live on $3000 over six months, which begs the question, who is paying his rent?

Well, @youknowlimbo was quick to answer that question, but just who is this person and why do their parents pay @nohidea’s rent? Turns out, @youknowlimbo is his girlfriend and she’s not too happy.

@nohidea tried to salvage the situation but his girlfriend is having none of it!

Logical people would log off at this point and continue the rest of the conversation face-to-face, but not these two! Is anyone else just picturing them sitting on opposite ends of their couch, cellphone in hand, furiously typing away at one another?

Now @nohidea tries to prove he’s a good provider, but @younkowlimbo quickly points out the flaw in his thinking.

Apparently, this guy used to be an actual financial advisor! Well, he’s a financial advisor-turned-musician, so perhaps there’s a reason for the career change.

Since all this was going down live on Twitter, people started wondering why they couldn’t just talk things out in person. Turns out, the answer is actually pretty hilarious. They may not have been sitting on opposite ends of the couch, but they were in the same house!

I suppose locking yourself in the spare room is the appropriate response for someone of this guy’s maturity level! While the conversation does stop there, @nohidea doesn’t leave his eager followers hanging. He posts a final message stating that he and his girlfriend have broken up.

But @youknowlimbo is not letting her freeloader ex-boyfriend get the last word!

Take the high road, people. Take the high road.

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