This Couple’s Incredible Transformations Make It Seem As Though They’ve Aged In Reverse

There are few things that instill terror and panic in humans quite like the aging process. Despite the fact that growing old is inevitable and extremely natural, we as a species are obsessed with trying to maintain our youth – and thanks to modern day technology, it’s never been easier.

Be it cosmetic surgery, makeup, or an organic lifestyle, there are few things that we’re not willing to try if it means that we can keep the glow of our youth (vampire facial, anyone?) Yet, despite all the extortionately priced treatments on offer, the secret to everlasting youth is actually very simple.

Just look at Gordon Ramsay. Find out how the 51-year-old star chef stays in such good shape in this video…

So simple, in fact, that everybody can achieve it – no matter their social standing, financial position or physical condition.

To illustrate, let me introduce Dan Hennessey and Wendy Joseph. The Instagram power couple shocked their fans recently when they uploaded a snap comparing themselves now to 10 years ago.

The difference in their physical appearance was mystifying given that the pair both appeared to be significantly younger in the old snap, despite a decade having passed.

Without missing a beat, their followers inundated them with messages asking for the key to their radiant complexions and glowing vibe.

Due to the overwhelming support, the San Diego based couple opened up about their healthy lifestyle, proving to all that it only takes a few small changes to make a big difference.

The duo, who are both personal trainers, share the tricks of their trade via Instagram where they have a combined follower count of roughly 150,000 fans.

One of their biggest rules is to have no rules – see, I told you that it would be easier than you thought.

“About 2 years ago I said BYE BYE to diets and crazy workouts. They simply weren’t for me, plus I’m kinda lazy truth be told,” explains 29-year-old Wendy. “Then I learned how to listen to my body, de-stress my mind and I fell in love with myself all over again! Now eating healthy and moving are actually FUN. I never thought I would be able to say that!”

In another post, the couple encourages those who want to live a healthier life to establish a balanced relationship with food. “You can take breaks but you should develop healthy relationships with food that can last a lifetime. This is the key to food freedom!” they write.

Going into detail about their own diets, the pair reveals: “We have celebrations, events, and enjoy wine and cheese,” because “being restrictive is a sure fire way to get someone to cheat.”

But, most importantly, they maintain that we only feel our best when we are truly happy. “Feeling and looking your best won’t come from just eating better food and exercise alone,” they write. “Our greatest source of energy, vitality and health comes through us when we are happy AND filled with joy!”

“[Change the things] you know for sure that DO NOT make you happy or fill you with joy,” they write in a caption on a sunny beach snap from Costa Rica. “You will be healthier and happier in no time we guarantee it.”

There you have it! Health and vitality are only a few simple steps away. So, what are you waiting for? Perhaps it is time to pack in that job you hate, throw away the junk food, and finally make a change!

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