This Club Meets Up Every Year To Indulge Their Unusual Pony Fetish

Often when we talk about fetishes, there’s this underlying sense that it’s supposed to be a secretive (and let’s face it, usually quite freaky) activity that goes on behind closed doors.

Because, although many of us like to think of ourselves as free and open-minded, the truth is, a lot of us are still very prudish at heart.

We wouldn’t dream of openly displaying our fetishes to the world, and scoff at anyone who takes their own ones anywhere outside the confines of their bedrooms.

However, we live in a diverse world, and there are some people, whole clubs even, who just don’t give a damn about what others think of them.

One such fetish club, who refer to themselves as the “Ponies on the Delis”, is made up of “normal taxpaying citizens” from New Orleans, and they spend their free time in pony fetish outfits while competing for various prizes.

Learn more about the club and what they get up to, check out the video below:

Wearing an array of different fetish wear including latex, mouth gags, leather, face masks, whips, chains and fishnets, the club competes in showjumping events and dress as “sexy” ponies.

Funnily enough, they refer to themselves as being “vanilla” in their day-to-day lives but on the weekends, they have absolutely zero qualms about engaging in some good old kinky pony play.

The group meets a couple of times a year to live out their unusual fantasies with their fellow horse lovers. Officially, the horse fetish-themed competition takes place over two days, twice a year.

But what kind of events do they compete in? Well, some of the events include obstacle courses, show jumping, and a pony tug-of-war. However, some of the more daring horses keep their masters in a cart, whipping them as they go around the course.

You thought pony fetishes were weird?! Wait until you find out about fart fetishes: 

At their first meetup of the year, members Joey Warhorse, Pony Whinn, and couple Rayne Storm and Eve Smith spoke to The Wizard of Odd TV and went into detail about what makes their alternative lifestyle so enjoyable.

“These events are very competitive – much like how a regular horse show would be,” said Joey Warhorse.

“We end up with crashes, records broken and plenty of slips as people attempt the jumps – the competition gets pretty crazy sometimes.”

“The outfits that we make are based on bio horse equipment or made from horse equipment that’s been rearranged to fit humans. It can get pretty costly, so people are very proud of the outfits they put together.”

Misbehaving mare Pony Whinn, who has a tendency to deviate from the course, said: “When I’m in pony play, I’m pretty free and wild.”

“I enjoy kicking the cart and giving my rider a really hard time, so they have to try and get us to obey. I’m free, I run around, I gallop, I jump, I nuzzle – and I get the head-scratches.”

“Once they [competitors] put the gear on, they actually turn into horses,” Eve Smith added.

“When I put the bit in his [Rayne’s] mouth, it’s like a ritual between us – he needs that transition to get into the right headspace. I can feel through the bit when he actually changes from a human headspace to a horse’s.”

“We’re very normal, vanilla, upright taxpaying citizens Monday through Friday, so to get to go out and pretend to be something else for the weekend is so much fun. It’s about expressing your inner personality.”

“When you get the chance to come out here and enjoy what you’re doing while being around others doing the same thing, it gives you the freedom to be weird.”

So there you have it: pony play. You’ve probably never heard of this form of fetish before, but it totally exists!

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