This Crazy Harry Potter Fan Theory May Actually Make a Lot of Sense

Whether you're a fan of the movies or an avid reader of the books, the Harry Potter series is a massive part of 21st century pop culture, as well as some of the greatest Young Adult novels of all time. With delicious developments of plot, plenty of wizardry as well as some stellar writing from JK Rowling, there's been plenty of discussion over the fictional characters of Hogwarts, including poring over the lore for some hidden Easter eggs that make the experience even more substantial.

On the internet, you'll find it fairly easy to come across a Harry Potter fan who has a unique viewpoint on the seven books and eight movies. Sometimes, they'll point out a reference or a plot hole, but from time to time, an astute reader or moviegoer will come up with a fan theory that's so insane, it just might make sense. This latest one confused me quite a lot initially, but stay with me and it might just blow your mind.


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