This Australian Yoga Studio Has Started Doing Naked Yoga Sessions

In a Yoga studio in Perth, ladies are enjoying their bodies in a whole new way. Various exercise fads have been popping up everywhere recently. Ten years ago it would be unthinkable that pole-dancing would become a fairly mainstream form of exercise, but with gyms and studios always keen top provide something new, even "naked yoga" is now officially a thing.



Twisting Peacock Yoga in Perth, Western Australia, has started offering the classes to its clients. And they're surprisingly popular. The idea is to give women body confidence and to exercise free from the constraint of clothing.Far from exhibitionism, Studio owner Melissa Howard explains: "It’s about empowering women to break free of all their insecurities and all of their body hang-ups and to drop all the crap about that kind of stuff".


The classes are soothing two-hour mix of Kundalini, Hatha and Yin yoga. Thus far, the studio has hosted three classes including a VIP session. All three sessions sold out in under a week, with Melissa's teacher, Rosie Rees, looking at starting naked yoga classes for couples.



Melissa continues: "From booking in and knowing you’re going to be doing it and then actually doing it…you get this sense of freedom and it’s liberating. You have just done something you never thought you’d do." The classes have attracted a range of ladies, from 22 up to a woman in her 50s.


The sessions clearly have quite a therapeutic effect. For many women, it's about gaining body confidence and overcoming their demons. "Quite a few ladies cry through the process because it’s such a relief", Melissa explains.

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