This App Will Tell You Which Beer Is Genetically Perfect For You

As someone who likes beer but is rather fussy, I'd quite like to have my favourite beers genetically decoded. It would save thousands of hours surrounded by bearded men at real ale festivals - and might open my eyes to other beers in what is a very crowded market.

This "citizen science project" proposes to do just that. The guys over at BeerDeCoded are offering to take your favourite beer, analyse it and send you the results. As they explain on their Kickstarter page; "You nominate or send us a beer, we decode the beer DNA to explore the beer diversity in the world and get back to you with the all results and an experimental genomic Cicerone."



They additionally aim to create a 1,000-beer-strong tree of beers. With all of this knowledge, they hope to find out why two people may have a shared love of one beer, while they disagree over the palatability of another. They will send you an interactive online version of the tree of beers, which (hopefully) will act as a cheatsheet when it comes to finding your new favourite tipple. Furthermore, they are also creating an app in order to share their knowledge with the world.

"Let us share our vision," they state. "Imagine an app that compares the biochemistry of the beer you like with the other 1,000+ genomes, proteomes, metabolomes of the beers of the world. The app finds where your taste lie on the tree of beers and gives you suggestions. This is your taste--not the taste of others. We are working on this, DNA is our first small step, and we need your visionary help."



However, in order to improve the tree of beers you will need to give your feedback; "Try one beer. Do you like it? Stay close to your comfort zone. Wander away a few branches for something new. Feeling adventurous? Try something on the polar opposite side of the tree."

Well, this is one idea I can certainly get behind. Having raised more than their goal on Kickstarter, hopefully this app will be a reality fairly soon. And while I'm looking forward to finding out what other beers I might like, I very much doubt they will find me a better beer than Modelo Especial.


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