This Abandoned City Is Six Times The Size Of NYC, And Nobody Has Heard Of It

When you think of an abandoned "ghost town", you often think of a small, secluded place in the middle of the desert where people used to live over a hundred years ago. But that's not the case with this "ghost city".

There is a town in Burma that almost the whole of the western world has never heard of, which is weird, because it's six times the size of NYC.


Stranger still, it's also the country's capital city.

In case you don't know, Burma is a country in Southeast Asia and has one of the strictest military regimes on the planet. They haven't allowed democracy to flourish, even though the country's residents are desperate for political change.

Ten years ago the Burmese government decided they would move the capital from Yangon to Naypyidaw, which was viewed as a strange decision because nobody had ever heard of it.

Since the regime decided to move the capital, it has effectively been out of bounds to westerners - which seems incredibly odd, as it's cost billions to build.

Check out amazing drone footage of the city in the video below. You can actually see just how dead this city is...

It was designed to house millions of people, but the whole metropolis is basically vacant.

On an average day, only a few government workers can be seen in the city. There are barely any residents, which of course makes the whole thing even more bizarre. The Guardian visited it earlier this year and described it as "an eerie picture of post-apocalypse suburban America; like a David Lynch film on location in North Korea."

Check out photos of the eery city on the next page that truly caption just how "dead" this place is...


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