Thirteen-Year-Old Takes Pregnancy Test After Being Told She “Looks Pregnant” At A Pool Party

When people discover that they are expecting a baby, it is usually as a result of trying for a certain amount of time. The parents of the unborn child will have been in a long-term relationship, and, at some point, they will have decided to start a family together.

But that wasn’t the case for this 13-year-old who was told that she “looks pregnant”…

Kennedy Griest unwittingly became the subject of great interest after a photo of her at a pool party on an otherwise ordinary day was posted online.

Kennedy lives in Michigan with her family and is currently a high school student. After a photo of herself in a bathing suit was posted online, it caused quite a stir amongst her friends. Why? Well, they noticed something peculiar about this particular photograph.

“Oh my God, look. Kennedy’s pregnant,” one commenter wrote.

As soon as the commenters started weighing in, rumors began flying around at Kennedy’s school that she was pregnant. However, Kennedy vehemently denied the rumors that she was a soon-to-be-mother.

Yes, she and her boyfriend were both sexually active, but they had been using protection.

But when she really reflected on the possibility that she might be carrying a little one, she decided that she way well be pregnant. Perhaps the signs that were showing on her body that she thought were a result of puberty were actually symptoms of pregnancy.

So she decided to take a pregnancy test to find out once and for all if she really was pregnant.

Unless you’re consciously trying for a baby, taking a pregnancy test is a nerve-wracking experience. You know that your life could change in minutes, and 13-year-old Kennedy was, to all intents and purposes, still a child herself.

But when she took the test, she was shocked to find out that she really was pregnant!

Unfortunately, the gossipers were now having a field day, and, before long, everyone knew that she was expecting a little one.

Although it was a difficult decision to make, Kennedy decided against having an abortion. Yes, she had only emerged from her pre-teens into adolescence, but she felt prepared and emotionally mature enough to have the child.

In October 2014, a 14-year-old Kennedy gave birth to a healthy baby girl and named her Adalyn. Now, she has really come to embrace motherhood. She feels that giving birth to her own child, albeit at a young age, has improved her life.

“I don’t know how to word it, but I didn’t know who I was, so I guess being a mother is who I am,” she said. “And that’s all I know and that’s all I want. [It’s] is to be the best mother possible.”

Three years on from the birth of her first child, Kennedy, who is now 17, is still very much in love with being a parent. Even though teenage mothers get a bad rap in society, and a number of stereotypes are perpetuated by the media.

It would have been so easy to just give in to the haters and allow them to completely crush her self-confidence. Luckily, however, Kennedy didn’t give those people the satisfaction. Instead, she made a brave decision and now has a beautiful little girl to care for and love.

“Although [Adalyn] is a little sassy,” Kennedy said, “she’s perfect, and I wouldn’t want to change anything about my life.”

Kennedy’s story is nothing short of inspirational. She has defied mainstream expectations of teenage mothers. She has continued to follow her heart in spite of the haters. To learn more about her story, check out the video below:

We wish Kennedy and Adalyn all the best with their futures. 

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