These Unethical Life Hacks Are So Ridiculous, But We Know You’ll Try Them

The world is an unforgiving and challenging place. So, to help us overcome that, we all look for helpful hacks to help us get through life. From cheap and cheerful tricks, to the more expensive quick fixes, there is one thing humans love and thats a hack!

The best thing about a simple life hack is that even the most practically-challenged people can accomplish them. Most of the time, all you need is a rubber band, some scotch tape and a little patience.

However, these outrageous life hacks, don't involve any craft materials, they just require a crafty, and rather sinister, imagination. If you have always wanted to know how to stop a tall person sitting in front of you at the movie theater then, read on...

1. How to escape a party on a limited budget


Evidently, these hacks are not to be tried at home. Whilst they may seem like nifty ways to sharpen your life, they certainly could land you in a lot of trouble!

3. I've got 99 problems, but car parking ain't one...

4. Stranger danger! 

We did tell you that they're ridiculous! Although, there is some method to the madness with these hacks, if you are bold enough to carry them out. But, if you thought those were bad, just wait until you see these next hints and tips. Welcome to the dark part of the internet...


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