These Pictures Of Peeled Fruit Are Absolutely Terrifying

Fruit is designed to look good. Not just in the way it is presented in stores, though that is a part of it, but the way it naturally grows. While it’s easy to simply think of fruit as healthy food to make up part of a balanced diet, it is mostly a means of spreading seeds.

It is a pretty mutually beneficial relationship we have – animals eat the fruit and receive nutrients and good taste, and in turn they disseminate the seeds of the plant into different areas. But to get humans and other animals interested in the first place, they need to look good enough to eat. And for the most part, they do. But it turns out when you entirely remove the skin of certain fruit, their image completely changes, and not for the better.

1. Peeled tomatoes

2. Cherries look completely different

3. This cherry looks like a pulsating human heart

4. Ever consider peeling a strawberry? Maybe don’t…

5. Blueberries look like eyeballs

6. Someone took the time to peel a coconut

7. Watermelon insides

8. Clementine slices look like strange bugs

9. Plums don’t fare much better

10. Grapes should not be seen this way

I’m going to find it hard to eat grapes for a little while to be honest, knowing that’s what dwells inside. I think we should all agree that in most cases, fruits should absolutely not be peeled in this manner.

If you wanted any more examples of bad culinary decisions, check out this list of food flavors that should stay far away from supermarket shelves.

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