These Photos with Dog Photobombs Are Actually a Hilarious Improvement

Photographs are our most tangible way of making memories. Though time will pass, people will change, and lives will naturally separate, photographs are the perfect distillation of time gone by, memories made, a capsule that captures a moment worth remembering.

Though in our filtered, glossy Instagram culture, some might argue that photos have lost their cherished value somewhat; such apps have made pictures an even bigger part of our lives than ever before.

It is a well-known truth that dogs are not the most photogenic of subjects. Rendered in stark contrast to their sleek feline contemporaries, dogs can sometimes look a little cumbersome and overzealous in pictures, which, of course, adds to their brilliance and lovableness. In tribute to our canine friends then, here are some photographs made exponentially better by the willful exuberance of photobombing dogs.

1. Quite simply, leaves trump engagement photo, sorry!

2. Getting to grips with the art of the selfie

3. “It’s┬áme or him, make your choice”

4. When you’ve had enough close ups for one day

5. Plotting evil schemes when their backs are turned

6. There’s a new star of the family photo

7. Smallest at the front, tallest at the back

8. What big ears you have!

9. Err… Happy Christmas?

10. Not there, pooch

11. When dogs photobomb each other, the real magic happens

12. Countdown from five until the dog steals that fish

I think we can all agree that these photos were made infinitely more enjoyable through the presence of some photobombing, these dogs all stole the limelight. May they improve photos of us boring humans for years to come.

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