These Hilarious Trump Themed Scout Badges Are Taking Over The Internet

Donald Trump’s speech at the boy scout’s annual jamboree might potentially be one of the biggest PR disasters ever; one made even more glaring thanks to press secretary Sean Spicer’s decision to resign from his post as White House press secretary, following a disagreement with the president over the hiring of the new head of communications to his cabinet. In what some critics characterised as “rambling”, Trump lambasted fake news, Hillary Clinton’s election campaign and President Obama’s failure to address a Jamboree in person, in a 35-minute tirade. Some watchers were amused, others not so much,

In response to Trump’s boy scout gaffe, HuffPost Comedy came up with a new hashtag. On Tuesday the satirical site charged it’s followers to of create “Trump Scout Badges” to honour the attributes which President Trump would respect the most. The meme took off, and soon thousands of people were posting their own examples of Trumpesque merit badges. Frankly, they were too funny not to share here. Scroll down to check out some of the best examples.

1. Golf is Trump’s favourite sport

2. Putin’s puppet

3. “Bone spur” is inspired

4. Disability unawareness

5. Mockery badge

6. Planting treason badge

7. No guesses as to what this one’s called

8. A hot cuppa Joe

9. That looks like a Cheeto to me

10. The following badges could not be found

11. Trophy wife posing

12. General creeping

This is hardly the first time that the internet has had a field day with something that the Republican leader has managed to inadvertently miscommunicate. Check out what happened on social media when he managed to accidentally misspell this tweet.

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