These Celebrity Holiday Homes In The Caribbean Are Likely To Be Hit By Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma, which has generated winds of over 185 mph, has caused much devastation throughout the Caribbean. In fact, it has been the most destructive Atlantic Ocean hurricane in living history. Buildings have been left completely destroyed and at least ten people have died as a result of the violent storm. Unfortunately, it is likely that many more deaths are yet to be discovered.

Barbuda, a tiny island in the Eastern part of the Caribbean is said to be practically uninhabitable and authorities maintain that the island of Saint Martin is almost entirely destroyed.

Hurricane Irma has proven to be a very destructive force and has even been referred to as a category five hurricane by experts. As of now, the hurricane is around the Dominican Republic, but it has been estimated that it will be reaching Turks and Caicos soon.

The Caribbean is known for being a paradise on Earth - with its stunning beaches, gorgeous weather and astounding views. Which is why many celebrities tend to purchase holiday homes in the region.

However, these celebrities are now fearing that the their homes will be part of the slew of properties that have either been destroyed or will be destroyed by the hurricane.


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