These Are The 11 Best Photographs From The Past Year

The verdict is in and it turns out 2017 wasn’t so great. Both Tom Petty and Chester Bennington died, we had multiple devastating hurricanes and horrific terrorist attacks. However, there were a few bright spots in the past year, and it’s important to remember those moments.

Photographers see the world with a different eye. They aim to capture the best moments and share them with the world. Recently, judges of the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Awards in photography selected winners in 11 different categories.

The awards are open to both professionals and newcomers, and the competition had a record-breaking 31,500 entries. The 11 “Hasselblad Masters” will each receive a new camera worth tens of thousands of dollars and be invited to a ceremony later this year in Cologne, Germany.

While their photographs will be printed in the Hasselblad Masters book, you can see them here. They’re a nice reminder that a lot of awe and beauty still exists in our seemingly troubled world.

1. Wildlife

American photographer Karim Iliya won the wildlife category with this stunning photo of a whale underwater.

2. Aerial

Jorge de la Torriente from Miami, Florida won the aerial category with this shot of sunbathers on the beach.

3. Street/Urban

The photo of a pier by Ben Thomas from Kyneton, Australia took the top spot in the street/urban category.

The next winning shot in the landscape category is absolutely breathtaking!

4. Landscape

Benjamin Everett of Lopez Island, USA, took this awe-inspiring photograph.

5. Wedding

German photographer, Victor Hamke won the wedding category with this romantic shot.

6. Art

The art category was won by Maria Svarbova from Bratislava, Slovakia.

7. Portrait

Norwegian photographer, Tina Signesdottir Hult took this incredible photograph.

Thought that was beautiful? Wait until you see the beauty and fashion category!

8. Beauty and Fashion

Michal Baran, from Trim, Ireland, won the beauty and fashion category with this gorgeous photo.

9. Product

Polish photographer Marcin Gizycki won the product category with this visually pleasing picture.

10. Architecture

Kamilla Hanapova from Russia is now a “Hasselblad Master” thanks to this stunning photograph of hers.

11. Project

Malaysian photographer Nabil Rosman took top honors in the project category.

Competition judge and professional photographer, Tom Oldham, said this year’s entrants submitted some bold choices for consideration. “It really struck me how progressive many of the entries were this year and how far the entrants were willing to push the brief,” he said.

“These were the photographers who caught my eye — the ballsy, out-there risk-takers who make compelling pictures that refuse to be ignored. I’m proud to have helped to get this great kit into their hands — their images deserve it,” Oldham added.

Fun fact: The first moon landing was captured on a Hasselblad camera. The lunar module was equipped with two of the famous cameras on it, instantly making Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong “Hasselblad Masters” for their out of this world lunar photographs.

Craving more? The Hasselblad Masters Awards have been around for a while so there are plenty more breathtaking and awe-inspiring photos out there! Check out the video below to see some of the winning photographs from previous years:

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