The Woman Katy Perry Sings about in ‘I Kissed a Girl’ Has Been Revealed

In 2008, before Roar, California Gurls or Teenage Dream, before the ill-fated marriage to Russell Brand, before the emergence of the bona-fide national treasure that is Left Shark, Katy Perry was just starting out in her music career, probably feeling a great deal like a plastic bag. That year, her album One of the Boys shot Katy into the contemporary music scene, selling seven million copies and featuring at number nine on the US Billboard 200.

While Hot n Cold is my personal favourite from that album, Katy Perry probably owes a great deal of her initial success to her lead single, I Kissed a Girl, which topped the charts for seven weeks in a row. The first line of the chorus features the lyric “I kissed a girl and I liked it”, and since the song’s release, Katy Perry fans have been hot and then cold, yes and then no on who inspired Perry to write the song. But a new theory has emerged as to the identity of the girl with the cherry chapstick.


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