The Top 6 Inventions That Will Change A Dog Owner’s Life Forever

Anyone who’s got a dog will understand the pure joy of having a big ball of fur that loves you unconditionally and will protect you from the mailman till the day they die. You will also know that having a dog is so much better than having a cat, because cats are snarky and will cheat on you with the neighbours.


If you and your doggie pal are a better love story than Twilight, they probably deserve a little treat every now and again. And no, I’m not talking about that box of luxury doggie kibble you saw at the pet store the other day. I’m talking about some seriously clever dog-related inventions.

Now, I’m not sure if you’d consider some of these inventions a treat, but at very least, they’ll make your life easier. And if a dog’s owner is happy, then they’re happy, right? From instant pooper scoopers to a rucksack that allows you to carry your dog on your back, these inventions will help improve both yours and your dog’s life, forever.

And if that collection of incredible inventions wasn’t quite enough to wet your doggie whistle, check out this dog who accidentally ran a half-marathon and came seventh. Looks like that’s one dog who doesn’t need the doggie backpack.

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