The Most Outrageous Luxury Items Dubai Has To Offer

Anyone who loves travelling will have wanted to go to Dubai at one point. I know I have. I mean it’s beautiful, hot and, of course, has those oh-so-impressively colossal skyscrapers.

In fact, Dubai is the very epitome of luxury. It’s full of wealthy people who drive expensive supercars and live in lavish properties. However, I have to admit, that some of their luxury products are so unjustifiably extravagant that they border on ridiculous. Here are the most outrageous photos of pure luxury taken in the stunning Emirati city. Try not to seethe with envy.

1. I’m sure there are plenty of kids who’d appreciate a Playstation made out of gold

I certainly would have appreciated that c**p out of it back in the day.

2. Cappuccino with golden foam, anybody?

I know what beverage I’m ordering as soon as I land in Dubai.

3. I’ve always wanted to get in a jacuzzi up in the sky

It’s too bad I’m terrified of heights though…

4. Now is that a car or a spaceship?

I guess we’ll never know… Unless aliens start invading Dubai.

Imagine being wealthy enough so that not only your kids can afford a life of luxury, but your baby leopard too.

When I used to think of Dubai, I’d think of gigantic skyscrapers. Now I think of random s**t made of gold.

5. This baby leopard is one lucky cub

He’s living with one of the wealthiest families in all of Dubai, and that’s saying something.

6. The Dubai locals don’t just keep leopards as pets

This baby tiger is served his daily antelope on a golden throne.

7. Imagine owning a pet who secretly wants to kill you

And eat you for breakfast…

8. I mean I’d certainly consider purchasing a 350 lbs gold bar

And then using it to make gold foam for my cappuccino.

One day, I will amass enough wealth so that I can afford my very own skyscraper, but until that day, I’m quite content scrolling through pictures on the ‘richkidsofdubai’ Instagram page.

If you owned a luxury car, the last thing you’d want is for it to be surrounded by camels. However, whilst beggars can’t be choosers, neither can wealthy people in a Middle Eastern desert.

9. Imagine this happening while driving down the highway

…being surrounded by a horde of camels.

10. Imagine getting in a cab and being confronted with a PS4

If that’s how taxis in Dubai look, what do they keep inside their limousines?!

11. So, apparently Starbucks is a place of worship in Dubai

To be fair, my skinny Vanilla Latte with half a shot of espresso is like manna from heaven.

12. If I was a rich kid in Dubai, I’d have had transformed all my teeth into gold chips by the time I was 12

But then I was a spoilt little brat.

Have you ever owned a gold phone? Well if not, go to Dubai and that dream might just become a reality…

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but I’d be ecstatic lounging around in a gold-plated jacuzzi on the top floor of a luxury skyscraper.

13. Is anything not turned into gold in Dubai?

Apparently not…

14. I mean, there’s luxury and then there’s…

Imagine whizzing off in one of these…

15. So, apparently Lamborghinis also double as police cars in Dubai

It almost makes me want to be a police officer… in Dubai

16. So, this car serves the sole purpose of allowing children to scribble all over it!

So, why didn’t I have one as a kid?

It’s fair to say that Dubai has a wealth of luxury items that we should all be so lucky to own. But then again who’s to say that I won’t one day get my hands on some bricks of gold that I can use as weights in my luxury gym?

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