17 Savage Reactions To The iPhone X Launch That Will Have Steve Jobs Turning In His Grave

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone models yesterday and these included the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. With each new year comes a brand new launch of the newest iPhone, and every year everyone with a social media account declares how they will raise enough money to buy it. And this year is no different! Just moments after the iPhone 8 was released, we were introduced to the iPhone X and Twitter mayhem broke out.

Of course everyone wanted to know just how much the new iPhone would cost. Well, unfortunately for any broke (and let’s face it, sane) people out there, this year’s iPhone price tag is pretty much unattainable for the average person and has in fact reached a record high.The iPhone X will cost a staggering $999!

It’ll come has no surprise to you to learn that Twitter users across the world had something to say about this. Here are the best Twitter reactions to the launch of the new iPhone model.

1. It’s fair to say $1,000 is way out of most people’s price range
2. This was Apple’s way of throwing us iPhone fanatics a bone
3. We all have to start saving from somewhere…
 4. I mean, I certainly felt faint when I heard the news
5. The iPhone X’s insane price tag is incredibly concerning
Now what exactly does Game of Thrones have to do with the new iPhone X? Well, according to these Twitter users, Arya would LOVE the new facial recognition feature.

It’s definitely not an easy task finding the right phone. We all want a phone that is reasonably affordable and actually has some decent features. That considered, is the new iPhone model really the right phone for you? These Twitter users might have something to say about that…
6. Game of Thrones references are always welcome, and there were many…
7. It’s the only explanation for the new facial recognition feature 
8. I’d certainly sacrifice a lot to get my hands on one of those bad boys
9. Oh Apple, why do you take pleasure in disappointing us so?
10. Season seven of Game of Thrones only just ended, so fans of the show couldn’t help joining in with the Arya references!
Although no one but yourself can ultimately decide which phone is right for you, you probably shouldn’t be thinking of buying an iPhone 8 if you are currently an iPhone 7 user. From what I’ve heard, there are very few upgrades from the previous model to the new one so the $1,000 price tag really wouldn’t be worth it!

Why spend “a cool G” on a new phone when you have a perfectly good one already? Think of much better ways you could splash $1,000; a stash of beers that’ll last you years, VIP tickets to see your favorite artist in concert or on an unforgettable vacation.

11. A little exaggeration and sarcasm can go a long way when it comes to consoling ourselves…
12. This new facial recognition feature sounds like the perfect way to keep tabs on your bae
13. What did the new iPhone X do to deserve such a heinous task?!
14. Yup, just ten minutes after iPhone 8 was announced, iPhone X became 2017’s new it-phone
15. What’s that I hear? Thousands of iPhone users switching loyalties?
Ever since news broke that the latest iPhone was launched, Twitter users from around the world have been thinking up ways to save up enough money for it, not this guy…

Everyone commenting on the new iPhone was obsessed with the new and admittedly impressive facial recognition feature. However, they weren’t talking about how cool and futuristic it was, but instead were thinking up ways the feature could be used to break into people’s phones

16. See what a domino effect the new iPhone launch has caused?
17. I think we were all at a loss as to what Apple was thinking…
18. Yeah Apple, didn’t think that one through did you?
Yes, there’s no doubt about the fact that the new iPhone X is extraordinarily pricey! I personally wouldn’t spend 1k on a cell phone, but then again, I’m no iPhone fanatic. Plus it’s supposed to only be marginally better than the iPhone 7. So, tell me again is it really worth it?
Then again, if you do manage to get your hands on the latest model, you’ll be the envy of everyone you know and they might just be a little bitter that they weren’t able to afford it themselves. So is that all an iPhone is these days? A social “statement”?

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