17 Savage Reactions To The iPhone X Launch That Will Have Steve Jobs Turning In His Grave

It's definitely not an easy task finding the right phone. We all want a phone that is reasonably affordable and actually has some decent features. That considered, is the new iPhone model really the right phone for you? These Twitter users might have something to say about that...
6. Game of Thrones references are always welcome, and there were many...
7. It's the only explanation for the new facial recognition featureĀ 
8. I'd certainly sacrifice a lot to get my hands on one of those bad boys
9. Oh Apple, why do you take pleasure in disappointing us so?
10. Season seven of Game of Thrones only just ended, so fans of the show couldn't help joining in with the Arya references!
Although no one but yourself can ultimately decide which phone is right for you, you probably shouldn't be thinking of buying an iPhone 8 if you are currently an iPhone 7 user. From what I've heard, there are very few upgrades from the previous model to the new one so the $1,000 price tag really wouldn't be worth it!

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