The Most Beautiful Library On The Planet Is Absolutely Breathtaking

As a literature graduate, I've spent plenty of time in libraries (not always for pleasure). It might not endear me to all the single ladies out there, but sitting down and enjoying a good book is a real joy for me. Book shops are one of my favourite places, second only to a quality library. I'm starting to understand why I'm single...

So as a lover of the humble library, when I saw a picture of this Klementinum library at the Jesuit University in Prague, I knew I had to investigate further. With stunning Baroque architecture throughout, this amazing space first opened its doors in 1722 and is easily the best home I think any book can have.

Fun facts about the library: the Klementinum used to be the third largest Jesuit college in the world; recording of local weather began there in 1775 and has continued ever since; it is featured in a novel by famous Spanish-language writer Jorge Luis Borges. All in all, a pretty special place.

Utterly stunning, this is a far cry from my University library


The ornate details make it a truly remarkable building



Those globes are just majestic


I could sit in here all day... providing they have some English texts



It looks like something out of an oil painting


I'm booking my flights to the Czech Republic as we speak


Without a doubt, the finest library I've ever seen


I'm definitely adding this stunning place to my bucket list. The history and the architecture alone make this place an absolute gem in Central Europe and you'd be mad not to go and see it if you are visiting Prague. Fingers crossed a load of stag parties don't turn up now...

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