The Latest Fitspiration Trend On Instagram Is ‘Nude Yoga’ And We Are Loving It

We live in a society where body confidence is at an all-time low. It's not uncommon for people who have recently got together to refuse to get it on in the light of day because they are nervous about what their new partner will think of their body.

Instagram-perfect lives and a huge rise in online adult content have created unrealistic expectations in many people's minds about what we are supposed to look like naked. But now a new trend encouraging self-love and fitness is sweeping across Instagram - naked yoga.

Here are 16 advocates of the movement showing that they've got some serious moves in their birthday suits!

1. No two vaginas or penises are the same

Everyone's genitals look sightly different. You might think that letting your wobbly bits hang out will make you nervous, but yoga is a calming activity, and it will help you to see how great your body really is. So there is no reason not to give it a go.

2. With practice, you can do amazing things with your body...

When you're nervous, people often advise imagining everyone in the room naked in an attempt to clam yourself down. Well, that's quite literally what's happening with naked yoga, especially if you are doing it as part of a class.

3. This woman looks incredibly poised 

Yoga is not only good for your mind, but your body too. It helps to keep your joints and muscles in tip-top condition. This reduces the likelihood of you suffering from arthritis in the future, and if you're already suffering, it's been proven to relieve symptoms.

4. Yoga can improve relationships

Couples who flex together are more likely to stay together. Yoga can also help people with platonic relationships too, as those who practice it will have more relaxed minds which lead to better relationships in general.

In the UK alone, over a third of adults are unhappy with their bodies and over 90% of teenagers have admitted to it too. With such low levels of body confidence in the world, self-love in every form should be promoted across social media.


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