This Chaotic Video Of An Irish Family Attempting To Catch A Bat In Their Home Will Have You In Stitches

One thing in this world is guaranteed: everything is funnier with an Irish accent. If you needed any proof of that, then this video will leave you in no doubt. The two minute clip with any regular family wouldn’t be worth a moment of your time, but with this Irish family, it is unintentionally comedy gold.

The video, recorded on Snapchat, was uploaded to the internet by Tadhg Fleming, a video maker who perfectly captured the moment his dad tried to rescue and remove a bat from the family kitchen. “So a Bat flew into our house last night…. safe to say it was dealt with in a calm and mannerly fashion,” he captioned the video, which has now been viewed millions of times across social media.

The video quickly went viral, as people struggled to pull it together whilst watching the bat fly around frantically, as Fleming’s father flapped even more frantically in an attempt to catch it.

In a state of total chaos, the kitchen becomes a battlefield as the Fleming’s try and take down the panicked creature. If you thought that Conor McGregor was the only Irishman to put on a show, you are mistaken…

The family, from Kerry in Ireland, were caught off guard by the flying creature of the night. Unprepared for an animal rescue mission, the family flee for safety. Well, except for Fleming’s father, Derry, who rises to the occasion in the most magnificent way…

Fleming, who hides behind a door for a majority of the ordeal, shouts words of encouragement at his father who is flailing around the kitchen, whilst trying to form a game plan. “Catch him, Derry!”, Fleming shouts excitedly, as Derry does his best by swinging a bath towel through the air.

Fleming’s mother also takes cover behind a door, but she cannot resist watching the madness unfold through the glass as her husband stands manically on top of a chair, as the bat tauntingly flaps around his head.

Just when you didn’t think the scene could become any more chaotic, the family dog pees on the floor, adding an extra obstacle to Derry’s plight. Oblivious to the added problem, Derry throws his towel with more determination than ever.

At one point, it appears that he has caught the poor creature. Cradling the bundled towel, Derry looks down tentatively to see if he has indeed done the unthinkable. Evidently, Derry hadn’t stopped to think about his next step once he caught the bat. Nonetheless, the bat was not snagged by Derry and remained flying around the family kitchen whilst Fleming screeches: “He’s making a mockery of you!”.

Finally, just when your ribs are starting to ache, Derry makes one more leap of faith and secures the bat in his blanket bundle. Carefully, he releases the animal out into the night with a satisfied smile on his face. He has conquered nature, and is evidently proud.

Meanwhile, Twitter was going into meltdown over the clip. “This video makes me proud to be Irish”, one user writes, whilst another writes: “Haven’t laughed this much in a long time”.

Fleming makes sure to mention that the bat wasn’t harmed in the making of the hilarious clip and evidence of this is given when Derry sends it back into the night. The only thing in any pain, is Derry’s pride, after his amateur attempt was broadcast for the world to see.

But, Derry has now become an internet celebrity, with users across the globe quoting comical lines from the video. The bat, meanwhile, is living oblivious to the chaos it caused.

The video may appear to show bats in a terrifying light, but the tiny creatures are actually quite adorable. If you don’t believe us, then let this adorable clip educate you:

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