The Heartbreaking Reason Princess Diana Never Wore Chanel After Her Divorce

Princess Diana was well known for being very fashionable. While all eyes may have been on Meghan Marke’s wedding dress at the weekend, everyone was certainly making a bigger fuss about Diana’s incredible ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown.

She made looking beautiful seem effortless on a daily basis, but there was one very prominent change to her fashion sense after she and Prince Charles divorced. If you have an eye for designers, you may have noticed that Diana never wore Chanel again.

The reason behind this decision is a surprising one, but one that anyone who has been heartbroken will understand.

Diana didn’t stop wearing Chanel because of any falling out with the brand nor any dislike of their fashion, but because their logo reminded her of her ex-husband’s infidelity.

Prince Charles famously cheated on Diana with Camila Parker Bowles, whom he dated before Diana, and then married later in life. Charles’s affair with Camilla became very public and was what ended his marriage to Diana.

You can watch an excerpt from a BBC interview below where Diana shares her famous line about Camilla being involved in her marriage below:

Therefore, the interlocking C’s on Chanel’s logo served as a painful reminder of Charles and Camilla’s love, an also of the heartbreak Diana suffered as a result.

Australian designer, Jayson Brunsdon recently revealed this information to Harper’s Bazaar Australia. He says he was in charge of styling Diana for an event in Australia in 1996, the year she and Charles divorced.

Brunsdon chose a pair of Chanel shoes to go with a Vercase skirt, but Diana refused to wear the shoes. “She said, ‘No, I can’t wear linked C’s, the double C,'” Brunsdon explained. “I asked why, and she said, ‘It’s Camilla and Charles.'”

The Chanel logo is a bold, gold interlocking C design, and given how recent the divorce was, it would have been a poor choice. Brunsdon added, “I think for photo optics, people would have honed in on that considering it was so fresh after the divorce as well.”

There’s another reason Diana may have disliked the Chanel logo, considering on her wedding day to Charles, he wore cufflinks with the interlocking logo, which was perhaps a symbol of his enduring love to Camilla.

After their divorce, Diana sat down with BBC and gave her first solo interview, which famously brought several private revelations into the public sphere. One such revelation was that Camilla was always a thorn in her marriage to Charles.

“There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” Diana told the interviewer, indicating that Charles was perhaps never faithful and always loved Camilla despite deciding to marry Diana.

To be cheated on is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through, so understandably anything that would be a reminder of that pain, including the Chanel logo, is off limits. It takes time to heal from heartbreak, and one can only imagine how difficult that would be to do in the public eye.

Normally, when relationships fall apart, people are afforded their privacy, but Diana did not have that luxury and could only watch as the public found out every detail about Charles’s infidelity. Perhaps that’s why she chose to give a solo interview with BBC.

After all, she was the people’s Princess, so perhaps she decided to tell the people her side of the story.

It’s a testament to Diana’s character and legacy that she is still spoken of so fondly, so long after her tragic death.

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