The 11 Worst Things About Living With Your Parents in Your 20s

4. They still think of you as a kid

Your parents were prepared to look after you until you become an adult. Now that you’re still around, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve grown or learned over the years, because they are used to seeing you much younger than you actually are. The thing is, you are not financially independent yet either. And it’s pretty hard to argue that you’re a mature adult when you’ve still got One Direction posters on the wall.

5. You'll get a LOT of unwanted advice

The job market has changed a lot since your parents were in their 20s. From the rise in unemployment rates, to the advent of internet job searches and social media, your parents are probably a little out of the loop. Be prepared to get persistent advice on what you should be doing, mostly along the lines of: "there's a young girl working down the supermarket, why don’t you try there?” when you already have several times. When you get down to sending those applications off, they'll tell you to stop wasting time on your laptop.

6. Forget having friends over

Your parents might let you have friends over, but they’ll be expecting the sleepover parties you used to have rather than the mad nights you've gotten used to. Even if they’re lenient, you won’t feel comfortable enough to drink and socialise when your parents are upstairs.

7. Curfews make a comeback

Remember bed time? Well it’s back with a vengeance. Your parents might not be tucking you in anymore, but they will be sure to tell you when you’re staying up too late, however quiet you are. This happens on nights out too. Even if you’ve been clubbing for years, they will want to know exactly where you’re going, who you’ll be with, when you’ll be back and how you’ll be getting home. Being overprotective isn’t quite as cute when you’ve passed the 20 mark.


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