Texan Woman With 18 Foot Fingernails Is Declared The New World Record Holder

I’m sure most of us have thought about doing something remarkable with our lives – even if it amounts to nothing more than a pipe dream. But with seven billion people on the planet, even some of the world’s most talented individuals never receive the true recognition that they deserve.

That’s why people are resorting to increasingly bizarre methods to obtain their elusive five minutes of fame. Forget having a romp on a reality TV show with a D-list celebrity, there’s some people who’ve spent years trying to beat some of the strangest records in the world…

I’ve seen one of these people in person, and to say that she looked ridiculous would be putting it mildly. Back in 2011, I was sitting in an Edinburgh resteraunt with a friend when I saw a woman glint in the summer sunshine – that woman was the world’s most pierced person, Elaine Davidson.

Davidson is pictured below on her wedding day, proving that she can attract more than just magnets!

Davison’s got a total of 9,600 piercings, but she’s still mobile, and whilst there’s no doubt that it will take her a lot longer to get ready than your Average Joe (and pass through airport security…), her bizarre feat hasn’t had a significantly detrimental impact on her life.

Until 2017, the record for the world’s longest nails was held by Chris ‘The Dutchess’ Walton (pictured below), who claimed that she wasn’t “totally incapacitated” by her combined 23 ft 11″ fingernails.

However, the crown has now been passed on after Walton finally decided to cut her nails…

The record for the world’s longest nails now belongs to Ayanna Williams, and it has been a long time coming as she’s spent over 23 years growing her talons which measure 18 feet and 10.9 inches.

Whilst Williams’ nails are slightly shorter than Walton’s, they’ve grown in a different – more inconvenient-  shape, and, instead of curling, they have grown straight out…

Williams, from Texas, appropriately works as a nail technician. Whilst she’s still able to do her job, there’s a number of day-to-day tasks that she’s unable to complete out of fear that she will break one of her record-breaking nails.

“I clean them with a brush at the sink. I use disinfectant or bleach,” she revealed in an interview with People.

“Sometimes if I’m eating popcorn, I use a spoon,” she said. As for texting and using a computer? She uses “a pencil or one of her knuckles.” Since she’s unable to complete household chores, her family members take care of them on her behalf.

Williams’ nails have a combined length of 18 feet and 10.9 inches. But the nails on her left hand measure slightly longer at 10 ft 8.5″ in compared with the 8 ft 2.3″ in on her right hand.

“It takes me longer to do anything than it would take other people, because of the length of my nails,” she told Guinness World Records.

Williams washes her nails three times a day and even rests them on a separate pillow at night. However, because of their extreme length, she’s opted to paint them once a month – a task which requires two to three bottles of nail polish and takes a shocking 20 hours to complete.

In the unlikely event that you think having ridiculously nails is a good idea. Williams has shared her tips on how to grow them that long. Yikes.

We can only assume that Walton decided to cut her nails after being inconvenienced by them and hope that Williams decides to do the same thing once she’s grown tired of her five minutes of fame.

Surely 20 years of self-inflicted hell isn’t worth a place in the record books!

Shockingly, Williams’ longest nail – which is 2 ft 2.7 in – is even longer than the shortest man to have ever lived Chandra Bahadur Dangi, who was 1 ft 9.5 in.

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